Check out these fun and exciting accessories that will add plenty of personal style to your bike.

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  • Training Wheels 16"-20"
    • Adjustable for 12” to 20” bikes
    • Strong steel brackets and rubber tires offer stability while your child learns to ride
    • Simple design makes it easy to assemble, install and remove

    Training Wheels 16"-20"

    MSRP:  $0

  • Monster Truck Training Wheels
    • Schwinn Friends Training Wheels
    • Oversize Monster Truck Tires
    • Fun for the little ones

    Monster Truck Training Wheels

    MSRP:  $15

  • Key Combo Cable with Light 8mm
    • NEW Key/Combo Lock w/ Light LED
    • Light Key and Combo
    • 8mm / 5ft

    Key Combo Cable with Light 8mm

    MSRP:  $15

  • Key/Combo Cable with Light 10mm
    • NEW Key/Combo Lock w/ Light
    • Key and Combo
    • LED Light

    Key/Combo Cable with Light 10mm

    MSRP:  $17

  • U Lock Light Set Combo
    • Powerful front headlight and rear taillight.
    • U-lock provides security when leaving your bike behind.
    • Key-operation ensures headlight cannot be detached when mounted to handlebars.

    U Lock Light Set Combo

    MSRP:  $40

  • Child Pad Set
    • Includes protective glove, knee and elbow pad sets for children learning to ride or skate
    • Large knee and elbow caps are built to withstand wear
    • Adjustable strap system for the perfect custom fit

    Child Pad Set

    MSRP:  $0

  • Lighted Cable Combo Lock
    • LED light for easy usage even at night
    • Doubles as key lock and combo lock for added convenience
    • Mounting bracket included

    Lighted Cable Combo Lock

    MSRP:  $0

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