We offer numerous options to add comfort and style to any bike in need of a new saddle.

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  • Ergo Bike Seat Cover
    • Extra thick Gel padding provides added comfort
    • Ergonomically designed center pressure relief zone
    • Versatile design can be used for indoor or outdoor cycling

    Ergo Bike Seat Cover

  • No Pressure Seat
    • Unique "noseless" design offers an exceptionally comfortable and relaxed ride
    • Durable, weather-resistant fabric for extended wear
    • Soft foam padding maximizes comfort

    No Pressure Seat

  • Breeze Comfort Foam Saddle
    • Large size and ergonomic shape maximize comfort
    • Super soft foam padding for a cushy ride
    • Breathable spandex cover keeps you cool
  • Gateway Reflective Saddle
    • Extra soft memory foam for incredible comfort
    • Reflective back maximizes safety when riding
    • Weatherproof durable PVC cover
  • Super Breeze Saddle
    • Developed to offer the largest, most relaxed saddle available in the market
    • Widened design allows for much more surface area contact & comfort
    • PVC weatherproof cover with foam comfort throughout the entire saddle

    Super Breeze Saddle

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