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AA pro racer Nate Berkheimer makes KOD finals

Sep 11, 2004

This past weekend was the 3rd and final stop of the KOD Core Tour in Huntington Beach, CA. Schwinn's, AA Pro, Nate Berkheimer went down there and entered the comp just to ride and have fun. The jumps were huge and there were a lot of top dirt jumpers in attendance, 31 riders to be exact.

After putting a few good runs together during qualifying, Nate ended up qualifying 6th into the finals beating out quite a few top guys. Nate competed in finals against the likes of Corey Bohan, Ryan Nyquist, Ryan Guetler, Luke Parslow, Cameron White, Mark Keul, Ronny Chalk, Rob Darden, and Colin Mackay.

Nate had a strong first run, not so hot in round 2, backed it up in round 3, and in the final round of the finals, Nate looped out on a 720 and crashed. 9th place in the finals for his first ever dirt contest isn't so bad though. Look for him to be at a lot more contests next year with team mate, TJ Lavin.