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UW Collegiate Cycling Team Race Report II

May 2, 2007

First of all I just want to say it was an EPIC race weekend, with Wisconsin scoring massive amounts of points and qualifying a team for nationals. Great job everyone and good luck to those traveling to Kansas.

Also, it was great to see in the road race on Saturday that three of our guys, Darren Corrao, Lucas Boehm, and Mike Retzlaff had arrived early and chalked every single UW rider's name onto the final climb to the finish. Great too see!

Men's D:

In the road race on Saturday, John Steinich was sitting in position for a top 10 when the cop at the corner failed to direct the group he was in. The detour led then on a 26 mile lap instead of 14! Meanwhile, Matt Miller and Lucas Boehm were in a break off the front, finishing in in a sprint grabbing 2nd and 3rd, Ryan Luellwitz finishing in 11th and Bennett Heinze in 16th. John Steinich, Jesse Bond and Ryan Luellwitz moved up to Men's C's for the TTT and rode strong, finishing in 5th place.

On Sunday in the crit, John Steinich got in a break of about 7. On the final lap Lucas Boehm asked for a leadout from fellow teammate, John who led him out for a first place sprint finish, John finishing in 7th. Great teamwork! Ryan Luellwitz and Bennett Heinze also worked hard and finished great in 12th and 14th.

Men's C:

The road race was a challenging race with attacks flying after the final climb on the first lap. Josh Fangman and Darren Corrao made the selection with 2 Purdue riders, a Milwaukee rider, and a Mizzou rider. The break held the rest of the race with Josh leading Darren out on the final climb to sprint to a 3rd place finish, and Josh in 5th. Alex Viana came in a top ten finish scoring more points for Madison, followed by Chase Kincaid in 24th, Jesse Bond in 27th and Zac Labby in 37th. Great job by all in a field of around 50!

In the TTT, Josh Fangman, Alex Viana, Zac Labby, and Darren Corrao took 2nd. Everyone worked really hard and it was great to see that kind of teamwork.

In the crit, our guys tried to set the pace really high, especially on the uphill to string out the race and get a UW win. Once again they had some really good organization with a line of UW riders at the front of the pack heading into the last few laps. Unfortunately on the final sprint, there was a collision in the pack. Luckily, nobody went down and Josh was able to sprint to 4th place. Alex and Darren got 9th and 10th, Jesse Bond in 18th, Chase Kincaid in 20th and Zac Labby in 22nd

Alex and Darren moved up and did the Bs crit after their race and claim the B's race to be much more squirrely. Both of them finished in the B's field.

Men's B:

In Saturdays road race, Spencer Tweed, Julio Jacobo, Warren Lyman and Charlie Brummitt got caught in a nasty crash on the third and final lap, though fortunately, none suffered major injuries. On the final lap there was a selection on the last climbs and Frye and Jon Cook hung on, claiming that it was a real squirrel fest. There was a guy up the road that broke with 10 to go and he won. Frye hung onto Jon's wheel and they placed 1st and 2nd in the sprint, 2nd and 3rd overall. Bryan Fosler finished in 19th, Warren Lyman in 30th, Julio Jacobo 32nd, Charlie Brummitt 33rd, Spencer Tweed 34th and Jon Camp (GEO) in 38th. Geo, late in the race, coming upon Spencer and Charlie soft-pedaling due to their crash, went be them in, ""my best TT position, I yelled out ""NEVER GIVE UP!!! NEVER SURRENDER!!!!!!!!"" and they totally jumped onto the pain-train and we rode as fast as possible to the finish.""

In the TTT our B's guys busted their butts, finishing in 3rd place! Another team of Charlie and two D's riders finished 7th.

Sunday's crit was another epic race for the men's B field, ""It was an amazing experience to have my last race be with such a talented group of riders and amazing friends that have taught me so much about the sport. Though I had to do a bit of cyclocross and a couple of times I was pretty sure I was going to get taken out it was still one of the best athletic moments of my life.� -- Alex Viana on Sunday's Men's B crit. The crit was fast with some attacks going off the front. Charlie Brummitt and Jon Cook attacked a few times during the race and Julio Jacobo had a strong attack with about 3 laps to go. Two riders bridged up to Julio and eventually passed him leaving him drifting back toward the pack in ""no mans land"" and Tank decided that he wanted to go for the sprint win. Frye and Jon led him out for a fifth place finish in his last race. Bryan Fosler, Spencer Tweed and Jon Camp all scored prime points. Geo maintained crash free all season, ""It was on the very last lap, of m y very last collegiate race ever, of the first season in which I haven't crashed yet ... and me and a guy from IU collide."" Luckily, he somehow shook the IU rider from his derailleur and stayed upright, finishing in 15th. Bryan Fosler finished in 9th place, Charlie Brummitt in 14th, Nick Frye 16th, Alex Viana 24th, Darren Corrao 25th, Spencer Tweed 27th, Jon Cook 33rd, Julio Jacobo 34th and Joe Comer 35th.

Bryan Fosler, Nick Frye and Julio Jacobo also raced in the Men's A field to gain some experience for next season.

Men's A:

Men's A's road race was a very challenging race! As Dallas Fowler says, ""A course meant for MTB riders and those who can climb and both pairs of my legs stayed home in bed."" Before the last lap Dallas got up to Steve Scholzen, who is in contention with an MSU rider for the overall conference champion spot, and listened as Steve let him know they were staying on Greg the whole race. They did a great job and Steve sprinted to a 2nd place finish, one ahead of the MSU rider, Greg Christian. Jason Carr came in 21st, Erik Bean 22nd, Dallas Fowler 25th, Corey Behrens 26th and Richard Hatch 42nd.

Men A's TTT they finished strong in 3rd place, only 4 seconds behind the first place finishers.

Men A's crit, the first half the average speed was above 28 below 31 and finished with a 26.5 average for the whole race. The whole team worked well covering attacks. Matt Waite came up with a big move just in time to cover Greg's move, at this time Steve Scholzen being only 14 points behind him in the standings. Jason Carr and Corey Behrends blocked Greg. Bryan Fosler, after already racing in the B's field, put in a move and Carr sent Dallas Fowler to the front a few times. They were at the front to help at crucial moments helping Steve to win the sprints at least twice, and a huge move on the front at the end to string the whole pack out in the last lap. Going into the last lap of the crit, Steve had racked up enough prime points to put him and Greg dead even in the conference standings. Steve finished in a solid 7th place, Greg falling well behind him. Congrats to Steve on being the conference champion! Corey Behrends rolled in 32nd, Jason Carr 42nd, Dallas Fowler 46th.

Women's B:

In the road race, Kelley Hess raced in her first ever road race and flew in to a sprint finish strong and in 2nd place! Pam Foy finished soon after in 5th, both ladies scoring huge points for the team!

The two girls toughed it out alone in a TTT and finished second there as well.

On Sunday in the crit, Kelley took the win, scoring second in the first prime and winning the three following. Pam finished strong in 8th place. Great job girls!

Women's A:

The road race started off well with Jessie Duppler, Yvonne Schumacher and Brianna Cash working together pretty well and staying toward the front of the pack. The hill effectively broke up the pack every time around and almost had the girls exhausted by the end, but they all hung in there and finished with style. Yvonne even managed to comment that the hill had nothing on our driveway at NOC over spring break. Yvonne finished in 9th, Jessie in 17th, Ashley Simon in 24th.

The girls started out well in the TTT, unfortunately they had a crash and lost Brianna early on. Simultaneously, Yvonne Schumacher dropped my chain on the same hill and almost fell over. Jessie and Ashley were real troopers that kept on going, but Yvonne worked hard and ended up catching them and the girls placed sixth.

The field split up right from the gun, but the Wisconsin girls, with the addition of Kelley Hess after her win in the B�s field, pulled each other (and about 10 other girls) back up to the front group. They worked hard all race and worked together as a team. There was also a lot of communication between the four of them, which was fantastic. With two laps to go Kelley takes off with Yvonne on her wheel. Jessie was in the field was trying to get a Wisco/Indiana block going. Shortly thereafter, Yvonne came around Kelley and sprinted for a 2nd place finish! Kelley finished in 14th, Jessie in 17th, Ashley in 19th. Great job girls. -Maija DiSalvo