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Happy Valley Tour

Apr 29, 2005

So I am in China with Cam White and Mat Sager.

And this place is crazy gnarly!

So far we have:
Flown 15 hours, tranferring planes in Beijing where no one speaks any English, then drove 2 hours with the Michael Schumacher of China overtaking people on the on-ramps and blitzing the toll booths.

Visited the Theme Park where the competition is being held and met some of the most important people of China who own most of everything.

Slept in the hardest most uncomfortable bed ever in the smallest hotel room with Cam White.

Signed a lot of autographs.

Ridden to and from hotel to park about 100 times.

Been to Wal-mart several times and 7-11 once.

Watch numerous children urinate on the sidewalks while their parents wait and watch.

Been attacked by a group of young Chinese girls who kept saying ""you are so so handsome"".

Posed for a lot of photos.

Eaten a lot of Chinese food including stuff that I didn't know was food.

Been to McDonalds and ordered a water only to receive an ice cream cone.

Ridden at the Ceremonies of the Opening of the 2005 Happy Valley Extreme Sports in front a massive Chinese crowd.

Steaked out the guy who stole Cam's phone and wallet. The guy never showed, but it is far from over.

And it is only day 2 of 8....

And we are the only white people in China at the moment.

And this is the most humid place I have ever been, ever.

And the Sushi sucks, but the noodles rule.

In joy from China,
Bo Wade