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Madison in San Jose

Mar 1, 2007

From Dennis at Fixed Gear Gallery (, on his journey to the North American Handmade Bicycle Show in San Jose, CA.

I slid out early this morning, before the ice arrived. Here's a shot from out here in San Jose.

So I got here to the hotel about 1:00, put the bike together and headed downtown to the convention center. I'd brought along one of those mini pumps which was a complete failure at putting more than about 60# in the tires. I had a Schrader adapter in my seat bag so I just figgered to hit the 1st gas station. I'm about 4 blocks from the hotel and I had my foot on the curb looking at a map when two guys pull up to the light in a white GTI with a Pegoretti on the rack.

The passenger asks ""you need anything? Lost?""

I say ""No, just lookin' at the map, but is there a gas station along here somewhere? I just flew in and the dang mini pump didn't work very well.""

He say ""Hey, no problem we got a floor pump"" and he pulls over and pumps up my tires.

""Not much of a Madison with all this space here."" as he sweeps his hand between the front tire and the downtube.""

We laugh and he says ""yeah everyone says this Madison is a tremendous deal.""

So, I go about two blocks, trackstand at a red light, look both ways, nobody around so I pop through the red light. I get about a half block and a San Jose Police car waves me over to the curb. ""Oh this is just great, I'm gonna get busted for running that light.""

So out from the driver's seat hops this very svelte and attractive young female officer about 30 maybe and as she walks around the back of the car towards me she smiles, waves her hand and says ""No, No, I'm not busting you for that light, but what kind of bike is that?""

Totally true story, we chat about the bike...but damn think I shoulda asked for her phone number?