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Mobile Skatepark Series

May 27, 2005

The weekend went really well. Tom Stober (Team Schwinn) and Simon Tabron (Team Mongoose) had a good day of practice on Saturday for the Mobile Skatepark Series in Cincinnati, OH. During and after practice, they hung out in the booth all weekend signing autographs and hanging out with the fans.

On Sunday, May 28th the vert finals were held. The finals started out with a scare when Tom missed his bars on a bar spin and hung front wheel coming in on his head. It took a few minutes to shake it off. We straightend out the bike and he went up for his second run. Tom's second run was going very well until he went down again, this time he would call it quits. The medics took good care of him and I was glad Jamie Forrest (Schwinn's Photographer) was there to look after him, since I was stuck in the booth.

With a little ice on the knee, he will be ready for the NBC Dew Action Sports Tour next week.

It was another great day for Schwinn as Tom Stober placed 9th, despite his injuries.

The folks from LG took the guys out for dinner to celebrate. I had a lot of positive feedback from the Photographers and the people from LG letting me know how profesional our guys are and how nice it was to work with them. So all in all another great week.