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Schwinn Sting-Ray Mania Continues

Feb 24, 2005

Schwinn is proud to announce new models; the Sting-Ray Three, a three-speed version of the 20� Street Series chopper; a classic Grey Ghost Five-Speed; and a purple classic series Sting-Ray.

The Sting-Ray Three brings multiple speeds to the wildly popular 20� Street Series chopper style. The Three has an Exclusive Sturmey-Archer Three-Speed Hub with a Stik-Shift frame mounted shifter and the Schwinn Sting-Ray Street Series Diamond Frame with an oversize gusset and internal cable routing for clean lines. MSRP is $399.99.

The Grey Ghost Five-Speed has a Sturmey Archer Twist Shifter linked to an internal five-speed hub, front and rear drum brakes, and even top tube-mounted cable guides for after market customization. MSRP is $549.99.

The Purple Classic Sting-Ray is a single-speed model and the first new model of the Sting-Ray Classic Series following the Coppertone and Pea Picker, each re-issued in 2004. MSRP is $269.99.

When Schwinn Bicycles launched the new Schwinn Sting-Ray �Street Series� juvenile chopper bike in April 2004, the company knew it was on to something special. The first retailer to receive the bicycles sold what was thought to be a three-month allocation in one weekend. Soon, every retailer selling the new Schwinn Sting-Ray was asking for more Sting-Rays to meet unprecedented consumer demand.

The 20� Street Series Schwinn Sting-Ray went on to become what Schwinn believes to be the fastest selling bicycle of all time, and has been nominated for the 2004 Toy of the Year award at the Annual International Toy Fair Awards, hosted by the Toy Industry Association.

�Market research indicates that our chopper bicycle style is not simply a trend and that the Schwinn Sting-Ray has created great demand for this new category of bicycle,� said Schwinn�s director of marketing and public relations, Mo Moorman. �The research also shows that kids don�t want just any brand of chopper bicycle � they�re specifically looking for the Schwinn Sting-Ray name.�

Schwinn has introduced a variety of new models since the initial spring 2004 launch, including the smaller 16� and 12� Street Series models, the Spoiler � a larger, high spec model, Limited Edition models, and a scooter line that shares the stylings of the chopper bicycles. Schwinn also re-issued highly collectable Classic Sting-Ray models, complete with banana seats and ape-hanger handlebars, including the Pea Picker, Grey Ghost and Coppertone cruisers.

A full array of official Schwinn Sting-Ray parts and accessories including helmets, handlebar bags, gloves and more are available in mass retailers now, and additional custom parts such as light kits, mirrors, lights, tail pipes, and wheel spinners are available at independent bicycle dealerships.

Check with your local Schwinn retailer for availability or log on to for more information.

The original Schwinn Sting-Ray, widely considered the most popular bicycle of all time, was first introduced in 1963 during the muscle car craze and remained on the market until 1982. Any kid not lucky enough to have a Sting-Ray certainly dreamed of owning one. The new Sting-Ray�s design pays homage to the original Sting-Ray, but this very modern interpretation reflects the public�s interest in customized motorcycles. With its raked-out fork, knees-to-the-breeze seat position and enough bad-boy character to raise eyebrows, this is no ordinary bike.