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UW Collegiate Cycling Team Race Report

Apr 25, 2007


The road race was a tough and hilly one with Ashley Simon, Jessie Duppler and Yvonne Schumacher working hard in the A's field! Ashley and Jessie rode 35 of their 50 miles together, working together very well. Having recently upgraded, the girls are noticing the difference between not only riding hard but riding smart, and they're doing great. Ashley also pointed out the fact that Jessie is, ""probably the best freestyle vocalist I've ever met on the cycling team. We created this really awesome chant to keep us from going mental in our RR Saturday.""

The crit on Sunday was another tough day for those three and they were joined by Holly Liske. The girls placed in a couple of the primes, Holly placing 5th in one of them and Yvonne winning another. They all finished in 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th scoring points for UW. Great Job girls.


In the road race on Saturday, the three girls, Amelia Barber, Allie Taylor and Pam Foy worked hard all the way, finishing 1, 2, 3! The girls worked together great and left all their competitors in the dust.

In the crit on Sunday, Amelia did a great job working for Pam and Maija DiSalvo and the final placing was 2nd, 3rd, and 4th with all three girls placing in every one of the primes. Great teamwork once again!


The UW Men's D field on Saturday was composed of Matt Miller, Lucas Boehm, Mike MacFarland, Sam Brummitt, Joel Hans, Ryan Luellwitz, Jon Steinich and Bennett Heinze. This was Joel and Jon's first race, Jon riding a road bike for the first time on Friday, and from the sounds of it they really had a great time! Joel had a mechanical issue, dropping his chain early on but jumped back into the race, passing guys left and right, dropping his chain a SECOND time, but still working hard and finishing strong. Matt finished the race in 2nd, just behind the leader and Lucas close behind him in 3rd. Mike came in 6th, Sam 9th, Joel, 12th, Ryan 14th, Jon 16th and Bennett 20th!

On Sunday the same guys were racing with the addition of Jake Jasurda. Mike, Jake and Lucas worked hard to stay on the wheel of Stevens Point as he pushed the pace. Mike and Jake hopped on behind N Mich as he attacked and finished 2nd and 3rd. Lucas finished 6th, Bennett 13th, Jon 14th, Ryan 15th, Sam 17th and Joel 18th.


Darren Corrao, Max Cayo, Eric Lau, Chase Kincaid, Alex Viana, Brandon Storlie, Warren Lyman, Marty Gresun, Todd VandeKreeke, Mark Kaeppler, Patrick Heath, and Jesse Bond all rocked the house for UW in the Men's C race on Saturday. The guys tried some attacks, but none ended up sticking, so it was left to the field sprint for the finish. Darren, Max, Eric, Chase and Alex all finished in the top twelve to score points for the team. It was a large field and everyone did great!

The Sunday crit was another fast, hard race for Men's C. They again tried a number of attacks and ended in a field sprint. Alex crashed midway through but got back on and finished the race. Jesse Bond, Josh Fangman, Alex Bird, Mark Kaeppler, Alex Viana, Darren Corrao, Chase Kincaid, Eric Lau, and Patrick Heath all competed, again having 4 guys (Jesse, Josh, Alex Bird and Mark) finishing in the top 12 to score points. We also racked up some prime points, so great job guys. This was the first collegiate race for Alex Bird, who had a great time and wishes he had raced more!


The B's road race was definitely a hard one! The attacks started going after the first lap, first one from Geo, then Northwestern, more UW riders, and Marian. Two Northwestern riders got off the front for the whole race. Our own Dave Madden bridged up to them at one point, but was bored and drifted back to the peloton. Mike Retzlaff took a long pull, wearing himself out and falling off the back, only to chase back on later in the race. UW worked together and got Jon Cook off the front to chase the break, sprinting past them in the finish to win the race! He was followed by UW riders, Craig Schuettpelz in 8th, Dave Madden in 16th, Mike Retzlaff in 18th, Jon Camp (Geo) in 22nd, Nick Frye in 23rd and Joe Comer in 25th.

Sunday's crit resulted in 4 riders finishing in the top 10! Charlie Brummitt tried numerous attacks, finishing in 11th, swerving around Cameron Wilcox in the final turn. Geo, Mike, Charlie and Jon kept flying off the front throughout the race, but it came down to the fieldsprint. Mike finished in 5th, Craig in 7th, Julio Jacobo in 8th, Charlie 11th, Nick 12th, Joe Comer 16th, Bryan Fosler 17th, Geo 19th. Great job and great teamwork guys!


Saturday's road race was very exciting for the Men's A field. Ryan Baumann went on a break during the first lap with Milwaukee and Illinois and it stuck for the entire 70 mile race! On the last lap, Ryan broke away from the other two and sprinted in to a first place finish! Steve Scholzen gave a solid effort in the uphill sprint finish to secure 4th place, winning the field sprint. Richard Hatch finished in 17th, Jason Carr 20th and Matt Waite 26th.

Sunday's crit was an interesting race with attacks going off like crazy, none of which could stick throughout the whole race! Michigan State went off in the final lap, winning the race, Steve Scholzen winning his second field sprint of the weekend for a 2nd place overall finish. Corey Behrends finished in 19th, Dallas Fowler in 27th and Matt Waite in 28th. Great job guys!