Maintaining Your Schwinn
Quick Releases

Quick releases make taking you wheels on and off for transportation or bike maintenance easy. However, it's extremely important to properly use the release. If the quick release is not used properly, your wheels may slide out and you could crash and be injured.

1. Pull the lever to release the tension on the quick release

Opened Quick Release:

Opened Quick Release

2. On the front quick release, you may have to loosen the end nut to get the release over the safety tabs on the fork

Quick Release End Nut:

Quick Release End Nut

Quick Release End Nut - Loosened:

Quick Release End Nut - Loosened

3. When installing the wheel, slide the axle into the mount and swing the lever closed. If the lever has the proper tension on it, closing the lever will leave a slight indentation on your palm as you close the lever.

Closed Quick Release:

Closed Quick Release

4. Adjust the nut until closing the lever leave the indentation in your palm.