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Learn to Ride Guide: Removing Training Wheels

Teaching your child how to ride a bike is an incredible milestone! But it can also be stressful for both the parent and the child.  Use this guide to help you get started teaching your child how to ride a bike with training wheels.

Learn to Ride Guide: Balance Bikes

Teaching your child how to ride a bike is an incredible milestone! A balance bike can help a child gain coordination and balance skills that will help them build confidence when transitioning to their “big kid", pedal bike. 

Bike Maintenance Timeline

There are many other things that you can do on your own to keep your bike running order. A bicycle in good working condition will help keep you safe on the road.

When to Call a Bike Shop

If you’re unsure how to do something, bring your bike in to a local bike mechanic. If you ride regularly, you should bring your Schwinn bicycle in at least once a year for a full professional tune-up where complex components can be inspected and...

Guide to Pumping Bicycle Tires

We have some pointers for how to properly pump up your bicycle tires. Read our tips or watch our step by step video to learn how to do it yourself!

Guide to Maintaining Your Bike Chain

If the chain is dry or dirty, it may require cleaning or degreasing. You’ll be happy to learn that basic chain care is worth the effort, surprisingly simple and neither time- nor money-consuming. 

How to Clean Your Bike

A clean bike really is a happy bike. When your bike is clean or dirt and other debris it shifts smoother and brakes better.

Pre-Ride Bike Check Guide

It is important to do a basic inspection of your Schwinn bicycle before every ride to see if there are any loose or sticky parts. This is your best defense against troubles on the road. 

Guide to Adult Bike Sizes

It is important to have the right fit when it comes to getting the most out of your bicycle. This guide will answer all of your bike fit questions.

Guide to Fixing a Flat Tire

Fixing a flat tire when you are out on the ride can be a scary thought, but once you know how to fix a bike tire that has gone flat, you will be ready to ride.

Helmet Hairstyle Guide

One thing I see all too often is bicyclists riding without a helmet. I get it, helmets may not be the most fun or stylish things to wear, especially if you’re a girl and don’t want to mess up your hairdo.

How to Assemble a Schwinn Kids Bicycle

You got your bike, but now you have to take it out of its box and assemble it. Here is a video and written out steps on how to assemble a Schwinn SmartStart Kids bicycle.