Ashlyn R.

Ashlyn's Schwinn Cruiser Bike

"I hadn’t been on a bike for 15 years. As a child, I rode frequently with my sisters in the local subdivisions near Detroit, Michigan. My family had a membership at a camping resort a couple of hours away and we would always bring our bikes and go on longer rides around the lakes. I still have a notable scar on my knee from taking a rough fall off my bike there. Then, my family moved to a farm in Ohio and sold our bikes. ⁠

Now, I’m 26 and live in a suburb of Cleveland. I’ve been trying to become more active and also explore the local area. With a little extra cash coming in from the last stimulus, I wanted to treat myself to something useful that would help me achieve those goals and decided that a bike sounded like the perfect idea. ⁠

I was instantly drawn to the Schwinn Admiral’s retro-cool look and dramatic cream color. Aesthetic is important to me! But additionally, the versatility was exactly what I was looking for. I wanted something I could comfortably cruise around a city with and take for longer rides.⁠

I’ve only ridden my new toy a few times so far. But what they say is true, you really never forget how to ride a bicycle. I truly feel like a kid again riding around the local neighborhood. I’m excited to ride my bike to the farmer’s market downtown in the summer and take my bike to some of the Cleveland metro parks (next rack!). Looking forward to many adventures and miles ahead with my new Schwinn!"

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