Chelsea J.

Ohhh, where have the last 2 years gone?! Our sweet little boy, two years old, and before we know it he’ll be three, then four… kids grow so quickly, sometimes it feels like I can’t keep up.⁠

With Auggie’s 2nd birthday coming up we just knew we wanted to get him a tricycle. We are huge fans of traditional style toys, so when we found the Lil Sting-Ray tricycle by Schwinn, we just had to get it! It is exactly like the vintage Sting-Rays of the late sixties, with its low-ride banana seat and chopper handlebars. ⁠

This was by far Auggie’s favorite birthday gift, he loves it just as much as we do and is perfect for introducing him into the world of cycling. It comes with an adjustable seat, meaning we can adjust as Auggie grows. ⁠

His birthday was spent celebrating with lots of cake and cycling on the coolest wheels in town. This will definitely be a birthday to remember, that smile says it all!!"

- Chelsea @alittlepieceofeden⁠

Chelsea’s son rides a Lil Sting-Ray Tricycle