Corey S.

Corey S.

I remember starting my cycling journey when I was about 4 years old and it was love at first pedal. I had training wheels from the beginning, but they were off the next day. Like lots of kids at a young age, I rode mostly BMX bikes, trying to do tricks and go as fast as possible.⁠

Growing up, I was really fortunate to be exposed to many different activities to try. When I think about the teenage years of riding my BMX bike or my first ten-speed through several towns in Southern California, I think about the⁠
freedom and independence that riding a bike through my neighborhood brought to my wandering soul. ⁠

Since moving to New York, I've had to find additional ways to satisfy my adventurous nature. I think about the reignited passion for riding through my training for a triathlon over the past few years. The weekends of long rides, exploring, breathing in the fresh air, and feeling the fast wind in my face is intoxicating.⁠

My favorite part has been enjoying these moments with close friends by helping them reach new heights in their cycling goals or getting out and finding their slice of happiness in this world. I've experienced nothing but a positive welcome within the cycling community. I am always looking to make the long rides longer, finding new places to explore, and testing my limits and skills. Increasing the hours of pure joy spent on my bike has been the goal both mentally and physically...I hope to see you out there on the next long ride.⁠

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