Cristal M.

Cristal M.

Riding a bike is like walking to me. I’ve been biking since the moment I learned to walk. I’m not kidding - my dad put my first helmet on when I was about 3 years old and took my trainers off when I turned 4. As a kid you can imagine the excitement on my face, rolling down the block with no trainers on. I was the coolest cat on the block; in my head at least! ⁠

Now, I know what you’re thinking: I’m not a kid anymore, so it’s no fun riding a bike now. WRONG! My boyfriend, Abdias, brought back the same little joy I used to have as a kid, with our everyday evening bike ride. ⁠

I love it and look forward to it every day. Since we are both competitive, we’ll speed our way to the back of the community chasing each other’s tails. Luckily enough we both own a Schwinn bike, making our bikes very lightweight and easy to ride, thanks to their amazing design! ⁠

Honestly, it’s so great, we still pull BMX tricks on a mountain bike - how insanely awesome is that?! Definitely in love with our bikes and would 100% recommend. Oh, and if you really want an intense leg workout don’t sit down. Have fun riding darlings!"

- Cristal M. @cristaldarlin rides a High Plains⁠

Evening bike rides are the best - thank⁠s for sharing your Schwinn story with us, Cristal!⁠

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