Diana R.

I found myself purchasing my first bike only a few months into the new normal, aka 2020 COVIDery. ⁠

I’d fantasized about riding a vintage 1971 Schwinn Racer; in a sundress with a cute basket to hold my pet bunny. But after riding my bike for the first time I realized:⁠

  1. I wasn’t the black Mary Poppins and⁠
  2. My healing needed more than picture-perfect rides down an empty beach⁠

So, I purchased a new bike; a Schwinn 700c mountain bike, and did the only thing I knew that I could do to help quiet the days when I felt alone or down, missing how it all used to be;⁠

I #KeptGoing. ⁠

I stumbled upon my superpower; when I get knocked down I regroup and get up back up, better; stronger; and braver, every time. Now I’m the owner of two Schwinn bikes; one for my dreamy days and the other for real life."⁠

- Diana @DianaRRamsey rides a Glenwood

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