How to Make a Holiday Bicycle Wheel Wreath

Whether you want to spend time with your family by making a fun craft or are looking for a personal project, this holiday bicycle wheel wreath is just the ticket. Create this as a gift for the Schwinn bike lover in your life, or make it for your own home!

Holiday Bicycle Wheel Wreath Decoration:

This holiday wreath is a great way to show your love for the holiday season and your passion for biking. Making a wreath around a bicycle is actually easier than it looks, but check that you have all the necessary tools before you start.

This project will not damage the wheel in any way, so when the season is over you can go out and ride on it once again. Just make sure you properly pump up the tire and take your bike in for a spring tune-up if you're not confident putting the tire back on by yourself.

For this project you will need:

  • A bicycle wheel
  • Boughs from an evergreen tree (real or fake) enough to cover the perimeter of the wheel
  • Christmas lights
  • Large red bow
  • Red ribbon
  • Zip Ties


Step 1. Use your zip ties to strategically place your evergreen boughs around the perimeter of your bicycle wheel. It is best to overlap the stems of one bough with the branches of another. When you have finished, adjust the branches for a fuller look.

Step 2. Wrap a layer of ribbon and lights around the wheel to give your wheel an even more festive look. You can also hot glue pine cones and red berries to the boughs for an elaborate holiday theme.

Step 3. Tie on a large red bow to the bottom of the wreath. You can get these bows already pre-made if bow making is not one of your strong points ;).

Step 4.  Hang it up, plug it in and enjoy the holiday season!

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