Jay S.

The year 2020 has been full of a few ups and many downs for me. At the start of quarantine back in March, the gym I went to regularly was closed. This was disappointing for me because maintaining my athleticism plays a big role in my life. So in that time, I made the decision to make the most of this new challenge.⁠

I thought that biking would be the safest and most accessible way for me to continue exercising during this pandemic. I purchased a standard multi-use Schwinn bike and that is when my love for biking began.⁠

Now I bike 15-25 miles every morning before I begin my online classes. Biking helps subside any stress I may have and it is a great jumpstart to my day. I love my Schwinn Bike!”

- Jay Strozier @jay.strozier rides a Glenwood

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