Justin and Mo

Our four-year-old son fell in love with his Koen balance bike from the moment it came out of the box. Since it arrived in the mail assembled, he was able to try it out within moments of the bike’s arrival at our home. And by the end of that very first day, he was already getting comfortable gliding across our driveway making short steps to keep himself upright.⁠

In the months since our Koen balance bike arrived, he has gained so much confidence in his ability to ride. He loves strapping on his helmet and riding up and down our sidewalk, happily riding back and forth for hours on end. One of his favorite games is to race his Daddy and Papa up and down the driveway - luckily our Schwinn Sivica bikes allow us to get in the game with him (Spoiler alert: he always wins the races.)⁠

This summer, some of our favorite memories have been early evening rides together to a nearby parking lot. It gives us an opportunity to go on an “adventure” each day away from our screens and have some quality time together. He loves chasing us around the parking lot in circles, telling us to stop and go at his imaginary stoplights. Listening to our son laugh as he rides feels like one of the quintessential summer moments.

Justin and Mo @daddy_papa_and_me_make3 Justin and Mo’s son rides a Koen balance bike