Kaleen S.

A bicycle to me is freedom, adventure, happiness, and peace. I called Philly home for 8 years and it wasn’t until year 5 when I was gifted a bike that I really got to know where I was living. ⁠⁠

On my daily cruise through the city, I noticed details (streets, people, buildings, art) that I didn’t acknowledge or find beauty in previously. Riding my bike became one of the most important rituals in my life.⁠

I’m now living in Hawaii and before I even landed I was searching for a bike – knowing that being on two wheels is the best way to experience a new place. I found this Schwinn and thrifted a wicker basket to carry the essentials (you know, like pineapples and sunscreen!). I look forward to the many blissful miles and discoveries ahead.

- Kaleen S. @kaleensuter rides a Fifth Avenue⁠