Last Minute Bike-Inspired Halloween Costumes

It's that time of year again... time to create the most epic bicycle-inspired Halloween costume known to man! Here at the Schwinn Headquarters, we had some fun recreating a few legendary bicycle scenes from major movies and TV shows. In the process, we found that with a little creativity and help from our local St. Vincent de Paul thrift store, you can rock the best bicycle costume of all time for under $20.

Wicked Witch of the West

There's no place like home! Perhaps no scene is quite iconic as Almira Gulch — aka the Wicked Witch of the West — riding her bike in the tornado as Dorothy is blown away to Oz. For this costume, we found a vintage hat and dress that screamed Wizard of Oz. The total cost for this look was $9.50 -- and your little dog, too! (Just kidding. No dogs were exchanged in the acquisition of this costume.)

The Goonies

The Goonies are synonymous with latchkey kids and '80s childhood nostalgia. For the recreation of Mikey, Data, Chunk, and Mouth, we didn't have to dig too deep to find the perfect throwback items. In fact, every member of the pack besides Chunk only required a jacket, many of which were already in members of the Schwinn Team's closets. For Chunk, we paired a lovely Hawaiian-patterned button up with the literally loudest pants we could find. They’re practically screaming. But unlike Brand's bike, we didn't have flat tires to worry about on our Halloween adventure. Total cost for all four looks: $29.

Mario, Luigi and Princess Peach

It's a me, Mario! Mario Kart lends itself nicely to the perfect bicycle-meets-classic-Nintendo Halloween costume for all the dual enthusiasts out there. To pull off the perfect Mario and Luigi, all you need is a nicely-paired red or green t-shirt and baseball cap. While overalls would take us over our goal of under $20 per costume, suspenders can be easily added to any pair of pants you already own. Princess Peach's pink taffeta gown was reclaimed from proms gone-by and paired with a child's tiara for the perfect princess charm! (See Mom, I told you they’d come in handy.)  Total cost for all three looks: $36.

ET and Elliot

Oh ET, the classic tale of adventure, youth, learning, and one alien’s quest for a long-distance phone call. (Collect, obviously.) This look was actually very simple to pull off. All we needed was a red sweatshirt, a sheet, and an alien-esque creature.  We were lucky enough that our creature was already hiding out in a closet (of course). He’s from our collaboration with the movie Earth to Echo in 2014. Pair this look with a classic Schwinn cruiser for maximum '80s nostalgia. It only costs $15 for this look to phone home.

Napoleon Dynamite

Who could forget when Napoleon took Pedro's bike off that "sweet jump?" Napoleon's wig might be hard to come by, but if you’re already rocking some fancy hair, it doesn't take much to get full Napoleon-level glory. In order to pull off our 2017 version of Napoleon Dynamite, we found some high-prescription glasses and this gem of a t-shirt featuring the nature of Seattle, Washington, specifically. Entering a Halloween costume contest? It shouldn't be too hard to get people to vote for you. You just might have to go by Pedro for the entire night. Total cost for this look: $5.50.

Pee-Wee Herman

What greater adventure, what greater love is there than the story of Pee-Wee and his quest to find the person who stole his bicycle (the bike featured in the picture is the Classic 1). For this look we found a suit straight out of 1985 and paired it with Pee-Wee's iconic red bow tie. Total cost, after locating this suit in an employee's closet: $3.50 for the bow tie.

Eleven of Stranger Things

For this look, we started off by eating a box of Eggo Waffles. It should take you approximately five minutes. Then we moved on to find a pretty pink dress, some almost knee-high crew socks, and a blonde wig. The jacket and collared shirt were easy to source from already-owned apparel, bringing the total for Eleven's look to $18.50 and a little bit of attitude. Learn more about the Stranger Things limited edition Schwinn bike, look into the classic Schwinn Krate, and, of course, don't get lost in the Upside-Down.

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