🏆Meet Aug's Pup of the Month Sadie!

Sadie is a mixed breed of an Australian Cattle Dog and Jack Russell Terrier.

"My name is Sadie, and I absolutely love being carted around like a fancy princess in my Schwinn Rascal Trailer. My mom and dad rescued me from a high-kill shelter in Georgia and brought me to live with them in New York City, where I now get to explore near and far all from the comfort of my little pink bed. Every weekend, my dad hitches my trusty trailer up to his bike, tucks the cooler and picnic blanket in behind me, and off we go! Whether we're going up and over the Brooklyn Bridge (as you can see in my photo) to explore a new borough or just cruising around Central Park, I always get stares, cheers, and words of encouragement from bystanders as I get pulled along my way. My favorite neighborhood to visit is the West Village in Manhattan, because there are so many tourists to say hello to and Washington Square Park is a great place to show off the flowers I wear on my collar. If I’m especially well-behaved, my mom will unzip the top of my cart so that I can stick my head out and feel the wind in my whiskers. When it’s 90 degrees outside, there’s truly no better way to get around than my trusty Rascal. Whenever I get home from an exciting bike adventure, I tell all my dog-friends about my ride, and I must say, they seem jealous! Now, if only I could get a sound system hooked up in here so I could blast some tunes." 

Follow Sadie on her adventures at @SadieMoreLikeSweetie

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