Schwinn Insider: Roy Sternberg

Every morning here at our office in Madison, many of our employees enter the side door that leads into the warehouse. When they walk in through that door, chances are the first person they will see when they walk in is Roy Sternberg, our Facility and Receiving Supervisor.

Roy is the first person to ask if you need anything bike related in our warehouse full of samples, and if you don’t know where something is, he always knows what you need and where it is. I don’t know what we would do without Roy. Read on to hear about how Roy has been involved with the Schwinn brand for a long time and to find out what unique bike he rides the most these days.

How long have you worked at Schwinn?

Roy: I have worked at Schwinn for 12 and ¾ years.

What do you do at Schwinn?

Roy: I am a Facility and Receiving Supervisor. The main focus of my job is to coordinate the bike samples coming in and where they are going to go for line reviews, marketing events, sales meetings, and customers. There is some focus that is on the facility as well.

Tell me about your time at the Schwinn Service School.

Roy: Both during and after high school I worked for a top-three dealer in the country in a suburb of Chicago. He wanted us to go to the Schwinn Service School. A year after I graduated from high school, I was enrolled in the school. He wanted everybody to be able to have that acknowledgment and training. I worked with the dealer for 2 more years before I was drafted for Vietnam, and after coming back from the service I worked for him for another year and a half. Those were my Schwinn bicycle shop days, back when they had concept stores. They were the first brand to do concept stores.

What did they teach you at the Schwinn Service School?

Roy: At the Schwinn Service School, there was a lot of emphasis on rebuilding internal hubs. Then, of course, we learned regular maintenance of brakes, derailleurs, and wheel building.

Roy's class photo at the Schwinn Service School.

How did you end up working at Pacific Cycle for Schwinn?

Roy: I always kept my love of bicycles, so I rode a Schwinn Paramount back in those days and I rode that for many years. After we got out of the army I applied and took a test to become an air traffic controller. I was an air traffic controller for some time, but we always wanted to move to Wisconsin as we still lived in Illinois.

My family and I decided to move to Madison and there I owned the Meineke Car Care Center for 22 years. We sold those in 2005, and I traveled for some time, and eventually decided to find another job. I was looking for one around the Madison area and I saw that Pacific Cycle was hiring for a sample coordinator, and here I am!

What is your favorite part about working at Schwinn?

Roy: I like the energy of the people. The fact that it is an outdoors-oriented company where people care about staying fit and being active is a part that I really like. Mainly the people are what make it great.

What is your favorite bike ride route in Madison?

Roy: I think my favorite Madison trail would be the Capital City trail.

Do you bike with your family?

Roy: My wife and I have a road tandem that we ride. We also have our own road bikes that we can ride separately if we don’t want to ride the tandem. 95% of the time we ride the tandem.

What is the best bike you have ever owned?

Roy: My custom-made Schwinn Paramount that I ordered from the factory back in 1971. It was yellow.

What would you say to someone who is nervous to start biking to work?

Roy: I would tell them to relax. It is similar to other activities, including driving, in that you really have to pay attention and be courteous and safe. Always assume the other drivers and bikers around you don’t know what they are doing and plan accordingly.