Schwinn Insider

A Birthday Bike in 1969

Author French Adams shares a story about the Schwinn she had back in 1969.

Schwinn Love: Brian and Alison

Looking for ideas on how to incorporate a Schwinn tandem bicycle into your proposal? Brian and Alison did it, maybe you can too!

Restoring a Classic: Petr and the Jaguar

A little while back, we received some stunning pictures of this beautifully restored 1962 Schwinn Jaguar. Intrigued, we asked its owner, Petr, to tell us a bit more about how he transformed an old frame he bought on eBay into a work of art....

A Kozy Tradition: Ron Kozy

Ron Kozy has been the owner of Kozy’s Cyclery for the past 54 years. His father first bought Kozy’s when Ron was two in 1944, and it has been in the family ever since. Hear from Ron about his shop and its traditions.

Schwinn Love: Jimmy & Cathy

A story about a boy and a girl who fell in love, who happened to have a blue Schwinn in their wedding photos.

The Race: Kurt Swanson

Kurt Swanson, a wood artist and hobbyist, created an art piece that caught our eye not too long ago. 

Peddler's Creamery: We All Bike for Ice Cream

Everybody loves ice cream - but ice cream that is powered by bicycles? That sounds even better to us. Learn more about Peddler's Creamery in LA.

The Little 500: The Superbowl of Cycling

Each April, Indiana University overflows with students, alumni, fans, and the national community who gather together for one purpose: to watch and cheer at the Little 500 collegiate cycling race.