Schwinn Insider

Schwinn Insider: Samantha Kraemer

Schwinn bikes — you may have heard that name before. Schwinn has been around for 125 years and our stories and bikes have been shared by...

Schwinn Insider: Chuck McFarland

One of the most exciting parts about working in the bike industry is seeing a bike come to life before your eyes. From the parts strewn across the workbench to a full functioning two-wheel transportation tool, bike building takes lots of work.

Schwinn Insider: Aric Blank

Did you know that Schwinn makes more than just bikes and helmets? There are so many added accessories that go into a bike than we might realize. That’s where Aric Blank comes in! 

Schwinn Insider: Ryan Birkicht

Look no further, Ryan Birkicht is the man that sets Schwinn apart from other brands for media and press relationships.

Schwinn Insider: Tammy Sommers

As a consumer, it is easy to think that the products we buy magically appear on the shelves, beautifully designed and packaged from the moment they were created. 

Schwinn Insider: Roy Sternberg

Roy is the first person to ask if you need anything bike related in our warehouse full of samples, and if you don’t know where something is, he always knows what you need and where it is. 

Schwinn Insider - Scott Rice

I remember when I was young, bikes were the catalyst to freedom.  They gave me the ability to ride anywhere, go see friends, race around the neighborhood.

Schwinn Insider: Josh Vick

Josh is one of the minds behind the awesome bikes you get to ride.  Read on to learn more about Josh and what he does at Schwinn.

Schwinn Insider: Ben Stites

Ben is our go-to for just about any bike-related troubleshooting. He's worked on bikes most of his life and commutes daily to our Madison, Wisconsin headquarters; rain, snow or shine.