Spitfire 12 Balance Bike

Make learning to ride easier and more fun with the Spitfire balance bike by Schwinn. This unique balance bike helps your child learn to ride by putting the focus on balance. The Spitfire also includes some pretty cool ergonomic features for a super comfortable ride.
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Step-thru frame
Air filled tires


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Learning to Ride Made Easy

Your child starts with their feet on the ground pushing themselves along. Soon their strides will become longer and longer until they’re gliding along just as they would on a standard bike.

Designed for Comfort

Low step-thru design makes it easy to get on and off the bike. Small diameter handlebar and grips are easy for little hands to control. Air-filled tires provide a smooth ride.

Style with Purpose

Single piece alloy frame in bold, cheerful colors adds style. Enclosed axle nuts provide increased safety for little ankles that may brush past them.

Fine-Tuned Fit

Unique seat tailor-made for children to use a walk/running motion comfortably. Quick release seat collar allows for easy height adjustments.

Product Details


Alloy, 7", rigid, kids


Steel, rigid


Alloy, alloy


Quill, steel


Steel, threaded


Vinyl, child-specific