Bike Styles: Road Bike

This summer the SchwinnRed blog is going to be breaking down the different categories of bikes to help you better understand what bicycle best fits your lifestyle!

This week we will be talking about road bikes, which not only are great for the individual wishing to work on their cardio health and overall fitness, but also are a great way to just get out and have fun, enjoy nature, and even socialize on group rides.

What is a Road Bike:

While the first thing that comes to mind might be an image of the Tour de France, road bikes can also be great for a less intense riding experience.

Road bikes are bikes that are used on paved trails and roads; hence the name. They are light in weight and great for riding long distances, commuting, and for physical fitness.


Road bikes come in two distinct handlebar styles, drop-bar and flat-bar; drop-bars are much more common.



Road bikes are generally made up of two types of materials, aluminum and carbon.

In general, an aluminum frame is ideal for a beginner road cyclist, or someone who doesn’t care about cutting time off their miles, and is just looking for a good ride for fitness and fun. A road cyclist, who is seriously training for a competition, is concerned about their speed and wants an incredibly light frame, they would be best suited for a Carbon Fiber frame.


There are several types of pedals that you can use while on a road bike. You should choose the pedals that provide you the most comfort and efficiency possible for the best riding experience.


Often times you will see road bike tires labeled something like; 700x25. The first number, in this case 700, indicates the diameter of the tire in millimeters and is fairly standard in the category. The second number, 25, shows the width of the actual rubber tire in millimeters and is more likely to vary across individual bikes in the category.


In the past road bikes were almost uniformly designed to have just one form of brake, rim brakes; since then disc brakes, which were originally seen in the mountain biking category, have made their way into the road scene, creating a great debate amongst road cyclists.

Cranksets and Chainrings

Road bikes have several options when it comes to the crankset, chainrings, and gearing of the bike.

The different types of cranksets found on road bikes vary based on the number and size of chainrings found on the bike.

A Note on Fit

A road bike will be most comfortable if you get a proper fitting bike with a frame that is the right size for you. Your local bike dealer will be able to fit you to the road bike that is best suited to you and your body making your biking experience much more comfortable and fun.

Friendly Tip!

A great addition to any road cyclist’s wardrobe is a pair of bike shorts. They may feel funny off the bike, but trust, us your body will thank you!

Let’s Ride!

Samantha C.