Bikes, Smoothies, and a Summer Back Home

It’s officially summer, and with the Fourth of July in the rearview mirror, some of the hottest days of the season are still ahead of us. There’s nothing more refreshing than cruising around by bike. Some of my favorite summer activities involve biking, and there’s nothing better than following a long bike ride with a refreshing smoothie. Dustin is the smoothie master, and it’s so easy to prepare and have at the ready with some refrigerator and freezer staples.

During the summer, many of us have even busier schedules then we do during the school year. Whether it’s kids with summer camps, swimming, baseball, and the like, training for races, or away on vacation: our schedules fill up quickly. Taking the time to slow down every so often and relax this summer is easy. We spend so much time running around from activity to activity that it’s nice to be able to spend the time as a couple, a family, or even alone to catch up with one another and slow down.

Back home in Madison, WI, we can really get anywhere by bike. We are fortunate enough to have a very bike-friendly city, and Saturdays can be spent biking to the Farmer’s Market, zoo, ice cream, downtown, or out for a stroll to picnic point. I can’t count how many evenings and weekends were spent biking around the city, and there is nothing better than a smoothie to come home to when you come home or as a snack before you head out on a bike trip!

Smoothies are so easy to have at the ready! Whether you buy frozen fruit or buy fruit in bulk and freeze it in smoothie-sized pieces, having frozen fruit prepped makes it easy. Just add vanilla or plain yogurt (greek or regular), and your juice of choice, blend, and enjoy! All fruit is easy to freeze, even bananas (just peel and cut up first, to make blending easier), and some of my favorite add-ins include: peanut butter, flax seed, chia seeds, protein powder, and I’ve even subbed Gatorade for juice.

If clean-up is what’s holding you back, or you don’t have space in your kitchen for a big blender or Magic Bullet, or don’t have the budget to drop three figures down on one of these devices, consider a handheld/small-stick blender. They typically have 2 speeds, and even come with a whisk attachment. These handheld devices range in price from $17 with this Handheld Hamilton Beach 2-Speed Hand Blender to $60 with this KitchenAid® 3-in-1 Immersion Hand Blender, so you can save a buck, or splurge a bit, all while spending under $100. These handy devices can fit in your kitchen gadget and utensil drawer, and make clean-up easy: just throw the blender attachment in the dishwasher, since you can blend your smoothie right in the glass you’ll be drinking out of!

So take a second to slow down a bit this summer, kick back after a long bike ride and sip on a nice frozen, guilt-free smoothie!

Have a favorite smoothie recipe or add-in ingredient you want to share? Comment below to get the conversation going!

Here is one of ours!

Simple Smoothie Recipe

Then just blend and enjoy!

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Jen Beth & Dustin Schmidt

Triathletes Jennifer and Dustin met on their triathlon team and share a love of biking (and swimming and running). Some of their favorite Schwinn memories include exploring National Parks by bike, camping, and exploring the Madison, WI area that they call home. While Jennifer is off in Illinois for PA school, Dustin is keeping busy by training for ultra marathons, and will be completing his first 50 miler in 2017! When they aren’t out swimming, biking, running, or eating, the couple can be found with a cup of coffee (or let’s be honest, the whole pot), nerding out over Star Wars, or cooking delicious food together. They are so excited to join the Schwinn Ambassador team for 2017 to show how anyone can begin to live a healthy life!