Get outside: It’s good for your mind!

I personally love the living somewhere that offers the variety of all four seasons. In Missouri our summers are scorching hot and our Winters can get bone chillingly cold. Between the months of December to about the end of March you are pretty much stuck indoors. And while I love the changing weather, I’m not one to brave the cold.

So once Spring rolls around I’m all about getting outdoors and enjoying the fresh air. You really learn to appreciate the warmer months when Winters are so chilly.

Getting out doors is a perfect way to not only chase away those winter blues but to really clear your mind, de-stress, and just give yourself a change of scenery. The daily routine of hitting the gym can become can get you stuck in a funk. You start to not get as excited about working out, your workouts become less effective since you aren’t as motivated, leads to a plateau in your progress.

Getting outside allows you to train somewhere new, to enjoy what Mother Nature has to offer. There’s really no better feeling than jumping on my bike and pedaling my way down a new path to explore. I usually always forget I’m actually working out. Plus, getting outside lowers your stress level; in this fast paced life we all could use a respite.

Sure picking up a barbell and squatting weights helps me relieve stress, but something you can’t avoid in the gym is the other people also lifting weights, talking, the cardio machines running, and the class noises in the background.

By taking your workouts outside there is no need for headphones to block out all the noise. The quiet of the wind blowing past your ears as you pedal down a path, the birds chirping in the tress, and being able to take in fresh air with every breath has to be one of the best ways to de-stress, and it allows you to  clear your head and focus on yourself for that time.

I challenge you to get outdoors, the next time you workout. Grab your helmet, take your bike out and let the path guide you in an new direction. At the end of your ride I can promise you that not only will you be sweating but your mind will be clearer and you’ll be more relaxed.

Brittany Phelps

I am Brittany Phelps, or as many of you know me Fit with Brit. For more than 7 years fitness, has been a big part of my life, so big I turned it into my business about 4 years ago and have been helping others become healthier and stronger; from writing training eBooks, holding monthly challenges, and having online clients all over the world.

I’m a very busy woman: training clients, working part time in a doctor’s office, being a wife, and most importantly being a momma to my sweet baby boy Lucas. I love showing people how to  incorporate fitness into their everyday busy schedule. I like to do all styles of training to keep my workouts interesting from weight lifting and kickboxing and HIIT to cycling.

I strongly believe fitness should be fun, and not feel like a chore.

In my spare time, you’ll find me baking in the kitchen, doing DIY projects, making helpful videos, or, my favorite, playing and cuddling with my son Lucas.

I believe every day is an opportunity to learn something new, to challenge yourself and to learn and grow.