Making Time for Fitness as a New Mom

How do you do it? I often get asked this. And it’s a lot, between working part time, being a stay at home mom part time (which includes not only watching Lucas but my twin 2-year-old niece and nephew), running my Fit with Brit business, keeping the house intact, and being a good wife. One begins to wonder where a busy mom finds time to keep herself healthy.

One simple answer, make it a priority.

When you eat right, and workout you’ll perform better, and when you feel good it affects everything else you do. Being a first-time mom and finding a new routine can be difficult. Now you have this sweet little human who depends on you 24/7. Your days are filled with dirty diapers, feedings, rocking them to sleep, practicing tummy time, and let’s face it, a lot of cuddling and kissing.

I highly suggest taking at least the first four weeks off from any physical activity after having a baby. Not only should you enjoy those new born baby cuddles, but your body needs that time to rest and recover.

This time also allows you to set up some sort of routine. The baby will be on a feeding schedule after four weeks, which will help you to develop a schedule of your own. After the four weeks (and approved by your doctor) you can start making time for fitness again. Start out easy; I suggest not going back to

your normal workout routine until after six weeks postpartum, unless approved by your doctor.

Light walks are perfect for getting started again. Luckily for you I’ve gone through this, I know it’s possible to get back at it! With these helpful tips I have for you, you’ll have no problem making time for fitness again.

1. Workout at home

This is such a big one for me, I was used to going to a gym every day to get my sweat on. But working out at home allows you the free time to do it whenever you have a chance. No need to commit to a specific time to go (this also mean you can wear whatever you want! Sometimes I do my workouts in my pajamas 😊).

2. Wait until baby is asleep

No worries for distractions if you wait to work out until baby is asleep for the night, this is

when my workouts happen. I know I can do it without any interruptions. If you know baby

will sleep well for a nap you can also do your workout then. As they get older they will

nap longer.

3. Wear your workout clothes all day.

Wearing your workout clothes all day means you’re always ready to workout. As soon as nap time begins or they’re busy playing, there’s no need to waste changing outfits. You’re ready to go!

4. Work out with baby.

This is one of my favorites. You can wear baby in a carrier, go for a jog with the stroller, if baby is old enough to hold up their head you can use them as weights: lay on your back for chest presses or hold baby and do lower body squat and lunge variations. You can also sit baby on your hips and do hip thrusts; so many options for including baby in a workout! Plus it also doubles as bonding time; perfect for those clingy days.

5. Shorten the time and make the workout count.

My workouts used to take me more than an hour. I don’t have that much time now so I complete them in 30-45 minutes. Make your workouts count. Knowing you have a set time drives you to really make each second count. If you’re going to block out the time to work out why not give it your all?

6. Use Classes and programs to keep yourself accountable.

If you’re comfortable taking baby to a gym that offers child care and you trust them, I suggest doing so. You’ll have the time to work out and enjoy the classes the gym offers. For us moms who work out at home there are still helpful programs. I use the Peloton app; it has amazing classes on there, plenty of options and they even have off the bike workouts.

Buying DVD’s to follow along with is also a great way to help keep you motivated and following a program. There are lots of online classes you can do as well, along with programs from trainers like myself that you can purchase. Most trainers will help guide you along the way.

My last bit of advice: don’t be so hard on yourself and don’t stress out over a missed workout session or a not so healthy meal. Some weeks I have a couple rest days because things don’t always go as planned, some days are so crazy you’ll grab anything that is edible.

As long as you’re doing your best and putting in the effort you’ll reach your goals.

Brittany Phelps

I am Brittany Phelps, or as many of you know me Fit with Brit. For more than 7 years fitness, has been a big part of my life, so big I turned it into my business about 4 years ago and have been helping others become healthier and stronger; from writing training eBooks, holding monthly challenges, and having online clients all over the world.

I’m a very busy woman: training clients, working part time in a doctor’s office, being a wife, and most importantly being a momma to my sweet baby boy Lucas. I love showing people how to  incorporate fitness into their everyday busy schedule. I like to do all styles of training to keep my workouts interesting from weight lifting and kickboxing and HIIT to cycling.

I strongly believe fitness should be fun, and not feel like a chore.

In my spare time, you’ll find me baking in the kitchen, doing DIY projects, making helpful videos, or, my favorite, playing and cuddling with my son Lucas.

I believe every day is an opportunity to learn something new, to challenge yourself and to learn and grow.