Schwinn Insider: Chuck McFarland

One of the most exciting parts about working in the bike industry is seeing a bike come to life before your eyes. From the parts strewn across the workbench to a full functioning two-wheel transportation tool, bike building takes lots of work. This is where Chuck McFarland comes in. He is a Project Manager here at Pacific Cycle and is in charge of the ebike category! Read on to learn more about Chuck and his role for Schwinn.


What is your role as a Project Manager for Schwinn ebikes?

Chuck: I started at Schwinn working on several different categories before I got to ebikes; including kids, mountain, and entry-level road bikes. Now, I help produce e-bikes of all kinds and categories. This job is more in-depth to me. I am responsible for all types of ebikes for a wider range of consumers. 

Throughout my day to day tasks, I work with marketing a lot to understand consumer trends and what categories are most popular for ebikes. I also work with sales to develop pricing and with the supply chain to find the best parts that will work with each kind of ebike.  


What is your favorite bike?

Chuck: My favorite bike that I have made for Schwinn is the Schwinn Constance ebike. I have an extensive background in bikes and this one is my favorite. I think that Constance is a super duper fun bike to ride, and every time someone gets on a Constance, they come back with a big smile on their faces. 

Lots of consumers are skeptical when it comes to ebikes and riding in general, just like I was when I got back into biking, but once they are on them, they are hooked. I like ebikes because it means that anyone can ride no matter their skill set. 


Has biking always been a big part of your life?
Chuck: I have always loved to bike, but after I stopped competitive bike racing, I bought a motorcycle and I found myself riding bikes less. I realized because I was no longer riding, it was not helping out my healthy lifestyle. So, I got back into riding and remembered how much I loved it! 


Where is your favorite place to ride in Madison, WI?

Chuck: One of my favorite places to ride would really be anywhere I am riding with my daughter (in the picture with me). We love to go downtown and get a cup of coffee or just go down to the lake and hang out by the water.