Strength Training Off the Bike

Off The Bike Workouts: Core, Legs, Back 

Looking to make your ride a little faster and stronger? Incorporating some off the bike workouts will go a long way. I definitely believe in cross training. It keeps all areas of the body fit, and including other workouts into your routine will help make your cycling a whole lot better.

Areas to work on to improve your cycling include abs, back, and lower body. Below are some moves that are perfect to strengthen all these areas. Some moves are compound movements meaning you’ll work multiple muscle groups, which means better results.

Try to incorporate this into your routine 3x a week along with your cycling. There are three sets to this workout and each set should be repeated 3x.

Set 1

10x Swiss Ball Hip Extension

1 Min Plank Hold

15x Sit up + Russian twist


Set 2

5x Walk out Push up

10x Squat hold + low row

15x Swiss Ball crunch

Repeat 3x

Set 3

5x Burpees + 2 Jump squats

1 Min Side plank hold (30 Sec each side)

20x R.Lunge + DB Twist



Brittany Phelps

I am Brittany Phelps, or as many of you know me Fit with Brit. For more than 7 years fitness, has been a big part of my life, so big I turned it into my business about 4 years ago and have been helping others become healthier and stronger; from writing training eBooks, holding monthly challenges, and having online clients all over the world.

I’m a very busy woman: training clients, working part time in a doctor’s office, being a wife, and most importantly being a momma to my sweet baby boy Lucas. I love showing people how to  incorporate fitness into their everyday busy schedule. I like to do all styles of training to keep my workouts interesting from weight lifting and kickboxing and HIIT to cycling.

I strongly believe fitness should be fun, and not feel like a chore.

In my spare time, you’ll find me baking in the kitchen, doing DIY projects, making helpful videos, or, my favorite, playing and cuddling with my son Lucas.

I believe every day is an opportunity to learn something new, to challenge yourself and to learn and grow.