Why Bicycles Are Part of My Eco-Friendly Lifestyle

Caitlin Russo | ecocajun.com

Living a sustainable and eco-friendly lifestyle is very important to me. In everything I do, I try to respect our environment and natural resources, and do what I can to not waste more than I need to. And I love to share about my journey over on my blog, in addition to sharing how anyone can make small and actionable changes in their own lives to live a little greener.

Everyone has their different favorite reason for riding a bicycle. Many of the Schwinn ambassadors have shared why they ride: for exercise, commuting to work or around their city, for fun, or for the social aspect. I shared in my first Schwinn blog post that I love to ride around town with my husband, but my why is geared toward environmental advantages!

Over the past few years, I’ve learned a few of the many ways bicycling is a great eco-friendly pastime:

Save money on gas

It’s simple! By leaving your car at home and using your bike for transportation instead, you’ll save on your monthly gas bill. Plus, by riding your bicycle, you’re not emitting any chemicals or fumes into the air, making it a very clean mode of transportation. The energy you’re using is your own!

Lower maintenance costs

It’s important to have your bicycle regularly maintained, and to fix any problems that may arise, but the cost will be much less than bringing your car in for service. And by using your car less, you can save on those maintenance costs too.

Healthier commute

Riding your bike to work has mega benefits. Unfortunately, I’m not in a feasible position to ride my bike to work every day, but that makes me want to bike even more in my free time!

Even if you can’t ride your bike to work, you can still ride it to take care of other errands. The Schwinn Meridian adult three-wheeler is perfect for making quick trips to the neighborhood grocery store or farmer’s market - the rear basket can hold a lot of cloth bags full of delicious local produce! It’s also handy for picnic dates...just sayin’!

Easier parking, especially at big events

Especially for shorter trips around town, biking makes more sense in many ways. We love being able to leave our cars at home, and hopping on our two (or three) wheels for a ride, avoiding any potential parking issues or costs. I’m already counting down to football season, when my husband and I hop on our bicycles and ride to our alma mater’s home games, where we tailgate with good friends and cheer on our Ragin Cajuns - and leave our cars at home.

Combine riding with cleaning up litter

I’ve been known to pick up litter while I ride, much to my husband’s chagrin. If your bike has a basket or trailer, then it makes the perfect litter-picking vehicle. Simply bring a bag with you to collect your finds.

Many times, I combine a neighborhood ride with exercise, random litter picking, and getting a few Instagram shots out of the whole deal!

Appreciate the nature around you

Riding your bike throughout the year can give you a deeper appreciation for the the seasons in your area. South Louisiana may not have much in the way of “seasons” (unless you count nine months of summer and three months of almost-summer as seasons), but I dream of getting to ride among New England fall foliage one year!

Whether you ride in your city, on sidewalks or bike trails, or fully off-road, you’ll still notice and enjoy the nature in your surroundings. You might even find hidden gems you never knew were there!

Free exercise

I love to exercise, and a bike ride really is one of the most fun ways to get a workout in. You can combine all of the other perks above with burning extra calories. (Bonus points if you bike ride in the South during the summer - this oppressive humidity has got to help burn more calories!)

Anyone can make small changes to lead a more eco-friendly lifestyle, and riding a bike is definitely a big step toward that. What’s your favorite eco-friendly reason for riding your bicycle?

Caitlin Russo

My name is Caitlin Russo, and I’m a native of Lafayette, Louisiana. As the blogger behind Eco Cajun, I’m all about living an eco-friendly life, and I love to promote bicycle riding as a healthy hobby and alternative form of travel. My husband, Phillip, and I love to ride together to festivals, community events, football games, and around town with our friends. Bikes hold a special place in our life together, and we even incorporated my Schwinn cruiser into our recent wedding!

By day, I’m a full-time marketing and public relations specialist, and in my off-time, I enjoy hot yoga, traveling, concerts, and quiet nights at home with my husband and our cat, Dax.