Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

If you have a question on a bike, we may have already answered it for another Schwinn loyalist. Check out these FAQs and you could have the answer in less time than it takes to fill your water bottle!

What's your question about?

Products and availability

  • I have a question about my bike or other Schwinn products
  • I need help finding a product
  • I have a question about Schwinn product availability in my country
  • I have a vintage or retired Schwinn model
  • I want to determine if my Schwinn bike is worth anything

See our product FAQs

Warranties and replacement parts

  • I need to understand what's covered (or not) by my warranty
  • I need help filing a warranty claim
  • I need to purchase replacement parts

See our warranty and replacement part FAQs

Repairs and adjustments

  • My derailleur went into my spokes
  • My bicycle doesn't shift gears
  • How do I fix a flat tire?

See our repairs and adjustments FAQs

Other general questions

  • I'm having issues with a dealer, or dealer information is inaccurate
  • I'm looking for stickers or decals
  • I'd like to see if Schwinn would donate to an event
  • I need help finding the size of my bike
  • I need help finding which size bike is right for me
  • I need to find the model or serial number of my bicycle
  • I need to register a product
  • I need touch-up paint
  • I'm looking for owners manuals and catalogs
  • I want to become an international dealer for Schwinn

See our general FAQs