Shifters and brake levers

STI/Double Tap shifters

STI or Double Tap shifters are what most would consider to be traditional road bike style shifters. They use a shifter/brake combo that goes onto the downcurve of a road bike handlebar. Both SRAM and Shimano make lines of road bike shifters that are commonly seen on dedicated road bikes, gravel bikes and cyclocross bikes.

Flat bar shifters (trigger/grip)

Flat bar shifters are most commonly seen on mountain bikes, hybrids and cruiser bikes. They come in two different variations, grip shifters and trigger shifters. Grip shifters use a twisting motion to pull or release the cables to change gears. Trigger shifters use buttons/triggers to move between different gears.

Friction shifters

Friction shifters are far less common than they originally were, although they are spotted occasionally. Friction shifters are usually mounted on the downtube of a bike and use friction to shift between gears; riders must feel the gears and adjust the shifters accordingly.

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