Bike safety


Great biking begins with safety.

Always wear your bike helmet.

Whether you are planning to go on an aggressive mountain bike ride or a leisurely cruise, a helmet is always a must in order to protect your most valuable asset - your brain!

Did you know helmets have an expiration date or that if a helmet isn’t put on correctly it becomes less effective?

It is important that your helmet fits you correctly in order to actually protect you. You can learn how to make sure your Schwinn helmet fits properly by visiting our complete guide on how to fit your helmet or watching the video below featuring Gage Duke of Just Cuz Helmets Matter.

Follow ALL the traffic laws.

It is important to remember that a bicycle is a vehicle. It is vital that you follow all the rules of the road when bike riding including; stop signs, traffic lights and traffic laws. And always ride on the right-hand side of the road just like you would with your car.

Signal before you make a turn.

Another important way to stay safe when biking with other motorized vehicles or bicycles is to use proper hand signals. Hand signals let drivers know where you are headed and when you are stopping so that the can react to you the same way they would to a car who is using their blinkers or brake lights.

Be visible.

Wear a bright color during the day to help you stand out and ride with your bicycle lights on even during the day to increase visibility. At night, wear reflective clothing and make sure your bike has both reflectors and front and rear lighting.

Walkers still have the right of way.

Drivers have to slow down for walkers and so do bikers both on the road and on shared bicycle paths. If you are coming up on a walker be sure to let them know of your presence with courtesy call “on your right” or a ring of your bell.

Leave three feet between you and a parked car.

Car doors can be a cyclist’s worst nightmare. Be sure to always remain vigilant of what is going on a round you and if you aren’t sure if anyone is in a parked car, give that car a wide  berth so that you don’t get hit by an unexpected opening door.

Meet Gage Duke

12-year-old Texas native Gage Duke turned tragedy into triumph, using lessons he learned to start Just Cuz Helmets Matter, a non-profit organization that provides bike safety education and bicycle helmets to those who can't afford them. Watch the video to learn more about Gage's wonderful cause and see how you can help make a difference. Let's help Gage save lives!

Learn more about Gage and his nonprofit by visiting his website: Just Cuz Helmets Matter.