Where to ride your Schwinn bike


Where you ride your bicycle depends on any number of things, including your location, what type of bicycle you own, and your comfort level.

Where to ride a Mountain Bike

  • Mountain Bike Trails
  • State Park Trails designated for Mountain Bikes
  • Dirt
  • Gravel
  • Rugged Trails

Mountain Bicycles are the perfect companion for rugged trails and handle rough terrain very well. Built to handle rocks, roots, and other gnarly bumps in the road, a Schwinn mountain bike is at home off-road.

Where to ride a Cruiser Bike

  • Boardwalks
  • Paved Paths
  • Flat or low grade terrain

Schwinn Cruiser bikes are iconic for being ridden along the coast, on boardwalks, or flat, paved terrain. While not meant to be ridden long distances and best for paved paths, more and more cruisers are gaining speed. With added gearing and hand brakes, Schwinn cruiser bikes are able to tackle a greater variation of elevations.

Where to ride a Fitness Hybrid Bike

  • Paved Paths
  • Well-maintained packed dirt trails
  • Limestone or gravel trails

Fitness hybrid bikes are the multi-tool of the bicycle family. Built to handle paved paths as well as unpaved well-maintained trails, the Schwinn fitness hybrid bike offers the greatest variation in riding terrain. While it is best to let the mountain bikes handle the really gnarly mountain trails, a fitness hybrid bike can be your ideal ride from the paved bike paths, to crushed limestone, to smooth dirt packed scenic trails.

Where to ride a Comfort Hybrid Bike

  • Paved paths
  • Well-maintained packed dirt trails
  • Limestone or gravel trails

The name says it all when it comes to the Schwinn comfort hybrid category. Comfort hybrids are ideal for paved and unpaved terrain. Whether you are in a protected bike lane in the city, cruising on a paved bike path, or taking your bike out on a scenic crushed limestone trail or smooth dirt packed trail, the comfort hybrid bike will take you the distance.

Where to ride a Road Bike

  • Paved surfaces
  • Roads
  • Paved Bike Paths

Road Bicycles are ideal for paved surfaces. When you are riding your Schwinn road bike on pavement, whether you are on the road or paved bike path, always remember to obey the rules for those designated locations.

Where to ride an Urban Bike

  • Paved paths
  • City roads

Urban bicycles are built to take on the city streets. Schwinn has designed these bikes for ease of maintenance, and with accessories ideal for handling the dirt and grime of the city streets, these bikes are your ideal companion for your urban lifestyle and all the terrains city life takes you through. 

Where to ride an Electric Bike

  • Terrain that matches your style of e-bike                 
  • Where laws allow

E-Bikes are made to be ridden on the same terrain as the type of bike you choose. If you get a hybrid e-bike it will be able to go on both paved and unpaved paths. Whether you are taking your Schwinn e-bike for a ride around the neighborhood or a commute through the city streets, you will be ready to go even further with the extra boost of power, but be sure to check your local laws on where electric bikes are allowed to be ridden.