Biking in Beauty on Cape Breton Island Nova Scotia

by Tiffany Thornton

There is a reason why they say, "A little piece of your heart never leaves Cape Breton Island."  I remember the first time I traveled to the magical Island filled with sweeping vistas and nature galore. I was smitten. I could not wait to return with my Schwinn bike to cycle and discover more pockets of Cape Breton Island’s beauty.

Scottish History

Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia (meaning "New Scotland"), is known for its Scottish roots. Many Highlanders settled there, and much of the Island is named after places in Scotland. You can even spot signs in Gaelic.

Seaside Stay in Inverness

Start your cycling adventure in Inverness at Cabot Links. World renowned for its top-notch golf course, Cabot Links also boasts lovely, modern lodge rooms with stellar views of the course and the Gulf of St. Lawrence. It's a great base to bike out along the boardwalk to the beach. Inverness beach is a special spot, where you can find colorful sea glass known as “mermaid’s tears” washed up along the shore.

Sunset & Seafood Dinner

Bike back to Cabot Links and get ready to indulge in some fresh local seafood at Panorama Restaurant. Start with the baked oysters followed by the pan-seared halibut with potato puree, caviar, and champagne cream. Be sure to leave room for the warm blueberry cobbler as you watch the sun set over the Gulf of St. Lawrence.

Morning Art Tour

From Cabot Links you are only a short bike ride away from the Inverness Centre for the Arts. Showcasing works of art from Canada and the U.S., it's a great place to stop for a bit. They even have a lovely gift shop filled with creative finds.

Celtic Shores Coastal Trail

The 92 km Coastal Trail on Cape Breton Island is an incredible place to cycle along. You can start in Inverness and bike all the way to Port Hastings, a former coal-mining town. The route is mostly flat with only a few small hills along the way. Be sure to pack your camera as you pedal past a variance of terrain. From the rugged coast, to meadows and forest, you are bound to spot a few deer, bald eagles and more on your Cape Breton Island biking adventure.

Tiffany is riding the Schwinn Fordham, available at Dick’s Sporting Goods.

Tiffany Thornton

Tiffany Thornton is a travel seeker and word wanderer. Her travel features and celebrity interviews have been published in USA Today, Globe and Mail, Toronto Star, West Jet magazine, Canadian Traveller and many more. She has interviewed acclaimed chefs, musicians, and actors for USA Today, and HELLO Canada. In addition, Tiffany is a contributing writer on National Geographic’s book ‘Journeys Home’. Follow Tiffany on Twitter: @spinthemap and Instagram: @spinthemap.