Cycling Away From My Comfort Zone

A lot of people know my story, but some do not. To make a long story short, I was once almost 600 lbs. I had given up on myself and living the future I dreamed of. The “new me” seemed so far away, I didn’t think I had it in me. After being flown to LA for Extreme Weight Loss in April of 2012 and ultimately not being chosen I finally realized I needed to take my life into my own hands. I knew that no one would make the change for me. That is when my journey started!

After the course of two years I dropped an incredible 300lbs through dedication with my diet and the gym. I worked my butt off to regain the life I once had, and to reignite the passion for a happy future. I did this all by working out consistently and being dedicated to my diet. In the gym I would try new things to keep myself entertained. Some of these things were: kickboxing, CrossFit, spinning, lifting, etc.. I really wanted to get out on an actual bike, but I just felt that I was too big at the time and didn’t want to break the bike. I was excited to get the weight off and be able to try even more new things that I wasn’t so comfortable with at my heaviest.

This brings me to now, I have fluctuated some as far as my weight. I’ve never lost control but I do want to drop between 50-60lbs. I know to do this I will have to work harder than before, also try new things. This is where cycling comes into play. I am now able to get on a bike comfortably and ride. This is something that excites me, but also makes me nervous. I see people that go out and ride 50, 60, 70, even 100 miles. Crazy I know, but I want to be that person. I know if I work at it I can hit my goal of losing some more weight, but also get better at my new hobby.

I always tell people when I started my journey, I “jumped in with both feet”. What I meant by that is I totally changed my way of eating and working out completely. It jumped in and hit the road running, not literally though. So, I decided why not jump in with both feet when it comes to cycling. I signed up for a ride in my home town called the Dam 2 Dam Century Ride. Now, I didn’t sign up for a distance as there are multiple distances available to ride, but I want to push myself outside of my comfort zone and go further than I think I can. In my head, 15 miles is a good number, but I know I am much stronger than that and want to prove it to myself. So on September 8th, I’ll be hitting the road to once again try to hit another goal of mine. Wish me luck!