How to switch up your workouts

It’s that time of year again: the sun is trying to come out, the days are longer, and the temperature begins climbing. With change in seasons usually comes a change in workout location. We finally are able to venture outside and add some variety to our regular gym routine. However, many of us still find ourselves doing the same old workout day after day. And while there are advantages to following a set routine, getting stuck in a workout rut can be detrimental to our fitness goals.

As a triathlete, I have the advantage of having three sports to wear out before I get bored, but even then, I find myself in a rut and not moving forward. Whether it be not meeting pace goals, dreading hill repeats on the bike, or not wanting to see the pool deck again for a good month, we all experience workout boredom.

Throughout my years of training, I’ve found a few great options to change up your workouts to keep you from missing workouts due to boredom:

Change your scenery

Whether you’re a gym rat or someone who runs outdoors rain, snow, or shine, changing up your scenery can do wonders for being bored. Switch to a different area of the gym, try a new treadmill, explore the weight room you haven’t had a chance to venture into, or sit in the front of your yoga class instead of the back. Explore new running or bike trails, outside, drive 10-20 minutes to that state park or rec plex that has something new to explore. The miles go by faster when each mile is a new one!

Change your clothes

Sometimes just a new pair of shorts, sports bra, or workout top can really empower you to crush a workout. Wearing the same old almost threadbare workout clothes can be a real drag, and having a new outfit to look forward to wearing can be that little push that gets you out the door!

Change your workout partners

I used to always be a solitary runner, I couldn’t stand running with others and either trying to keep pace with them or feel like I’m dragging people behind me. However, I found that my workouts went faster and I began to enjoy them more when I joined a running club in the community. I still enjoy my solitary runs to reflect, but It’s great to have the option for some company. Look online to see if there are free running or cycling clubs that meet at a local coffee shop on the weekends, or any training teams that offer supported runs or rides. Try a new class at the gym, meet new people, or drag friends along to try something for the first time!

Change your tunes

Switch up your running playlist, add some new tunes, put it on shuffle, or leave the earbuds at home! Sometimes, switching from pump it up music to just listening to nature or the ambient noise at the gym can be refreshing!

Change your sport

Nothing changed my life quite like cycling. I was getting sick of pounding the pavement in my running shoes, and fighting off overuse injuries put me on a bike. Whether I’m cruising around on my Schwinn Vantage exploring parks and trails or hill climbing and training on my road bike, I found you see the world from a different viewpoint by bike! The same goes for adding swimming, weight lifting, core-work, yoga, you name it – to your workout routine. Trying a new sport or exercise can really make you fall in love with working out again. I found myself looking forward to my 5 AM morning spin and pool sessions, and I always love the option of a nice leisurely recovery ride on my hybrid bike.


Change your goals

Maybe reaching a certain pace on the run or bike is seeming unattainable, or a lifting goal just doesn’t seem to be possible anymore. Sometimes by focusing on a different area and switching up your routine or exercise can really change your performance! By focusing on having a goal of making it to the gym every day this week or for getting out and running for fun instead of time, you’ll actually see greater results: you’ll be meeting goals and making new ones!


Jen Beth & Dustin Schmidt

Triathletes Jennifer and Dustin met on their triathlon team and share a love of biking (and swimming and running). Some of their favorite Schwinn memories include exploring National Parks by bike, camping, and exploring the Madison, WI area that they call home. While Jennifer is off in Illinois for PA school, Dustin is keeping busy by training for ultra marathons, and will be completing his first 50 miler in 2017! When they aren’t out swimming, biking, running, or eating, the couple can be found with a cup of coffee (or let’s be honest, the whole pot), nerding out over Star Wars, or cooking delicious food together. They are so excited to join the Schwinn Ambassador team for 2017 to show how anyone can begin to live a healthy life!