Meet the Ambassadors - 2018

Schwinn is excited to announce the 2018 Schwinn Ambassadors. Each Ambassador was hand selected to represent Schwinn through their unique bicycle journey! Some Ambassadors will be taking you on a 365 day adventure, while others will show you how their bicycle is an extension of their life and personal style. With a common goal, Schwinn, along with each of our 2018 Ambassadors realize the joy, sense of freedom, and health benefits that go along with riding a bicycle.

Without further adieu, meet the Schwinn Ambassadors!

Sue Kang

Gday, I’m Sue. Based in Oahu (Aloha) but my home is Sydney, Australia. Pretty sure I spend more time outdoors than I ever do at home. Hiking rugged landscapes, cycling past wild flowers and scuba diving in warm water with dolphins makes me giddy. I have a secret dream to move to New Zealand and be a hobbit, but apparently capitalism is just not ready to let me go.

I’m so excited to work with Schwinn, especially because right after I found out I was an ambassador, I youtubed my girl Rachel McAdams on The Ellen Show. Just to check up on how she was doing post The Notebook, etc. the usual. And Ellen gave her a Schwinn bike! What a pop culture seal of approval.

Instagram | @suekang_

Deja Riley

Deja Riley, originally from New York, was raised in Virginia Beach, VA, where she received her early training at Denise Wall's Dance Energy. She was classically trained in ballet, jazz, lyrical, contemporary, tap, musical theater, flamenco, and hip hop. After high school, she performed in stage shows, music videos and TV & Films such as, Disney's "Let It Shine" and "Big Momma's House 3", before making her move to LA at age 19.

​Her career truly began to blossom in LA, where she started out as an assistant to Laurie Ann Gibson. She has now danced alongside acclaimed artists such as Beyoncé, Shakira, Katy Perry, Britney Spears, Trey Songz and many more. While dancing comes natural to Deja, it is not her only passion.

​Deja believes that in order to maintain a successful lifestyle, it is very important to maintain a healthy lifestyle. She enjoys boxing, yoga, hiking, CrossFit. You can check her out as a boxing coach at the new, hot fitness studio, BoxUnion located in Santa Monica, CA.

​The sky's the limit for fit chick and she will stop at nothing to push herself on her beautiful path to success.

Instagram | @dejariley

Rahul & Jen Karugapadam

True North 61 is an adventure company that loves using Visual Media to communicate our love for life. We are a company that Brings life and vibrancy to all people through Photography, videography, public speaking, social media and so much more.

True North 61 was founded in 2016 by Rahul and Jennifer Karugapadam. Rahul, an avid photographer and videographer discovered his passion for visual art and social media when he moved to LA in 2014. Jennifer, a gifted dancer, singer, hairstylist and creative artist moved to LA in pursuit of dance but ended up falling in love with hair styling and eventually visual media. Soon after Rahul and Jennifer began dating, they discovered that they both shared a deep love for adventure, art and the digital media. So they decided to bring their passion for Adventure and People together to create a company that would help them share their personal message of Discovery, Hope and Love!

Instagram | @truenorth61 

YouTube | True North 61

Jason Kent


My name is Jason Kent & I am a lifestyle photographer based in the wondrous city of Portland, Oregon! I am a huge adventure seeker, avid candle burner, and açaí enthusiast!

I have a passion for fashion & meeting new people!

I am always photographing something, but when I’m not I am always on the lookout for my next adventure! I am stoked to begin my journey as a Schwinn ambassador & to document all my memories along the way!

Check out my Instagram to follow the adventure! @jasonkentx

Chidi Ezzema

I am a fashion and fitness influencer born to Nigerian parents in New York. I reside in sunny California where I work in entertainment public relations. I spend my time cycling around Los Angeles taking in scenery while getting in my daily cardio. I am best known as the fit gentlemen as I am a lover of fitness and fashion. Half my day is spent with a shirt the other half is without. I travel the world in style, living life the fullest.

Instagram | @Sir.Chidi

Michael Anderson

Hey! I'm Michael Anderson and I'm so excited that my family has been chosen as Schwinn Ambassadors for 2018. I'm an executive for KIDZ BOP, my husband Jeff is an actor, and our daughter Annika is doing her thing in kindergarten.  After years of being on Broadway, Jeff realized his work schedule meant he was going to miss seeing our daughter grow up, so we made a huge life change and moved from New York to beautiful Naples, Florida where Jeff is the Associate Artistic Director at the amazing Gulfshore Playhouse.  

We can't wait to get back into biking again as our daughter learns the joys of bike riding for the very first time. Thanks for joining us on our journey. Be sure to follow along on Instagram @mandergramm.

Amarachi Ukachu

Amarachi is a Fashion Blogger and Designer who lives in the colorful city of New Orleans. She loves to live life as bold and colorfully as possible and enjoys sharing her interests and experiences, mostly centered around her personal style with a focus on fashion, beauty, and lifestyle. Amarachi has become a sought-after designer, body positive advocate, blogger, and trusted voice within the fashion community.

She enjoys using her platform to inspire and encourage other women ultimately boosting their confidence

Instagram | @amarachiukachu

Nick Hearn

Hi guys! My name is Nick Hearn and within the last year I made the exciting move to downtown Chicago.

Here I have become quite the adventurer. From spending my summer riding along Lake Shore Drive to taking perspective shots all around the city, I have taken full advantage of my time here. That being said, I have always loved history and take pride in the simple things in life.

That is why I will always love and respect this iconic brand. My girlfriend and I live two blocks from Navy Pier and plan on venturing out past our typical routes with Schwinn.

You can follow our journey on Instagram, @nckstagram.

Anna Afias

Anna Affias is a creative and strategic problem solver who works as a Creative Consultant at Slalom. Anna began commuting by bike in 2010, but quickly found her passion for group riding in 2015 while triathlon training. In April of 2016, Anna competed in her first criterium race and was hooked. Shortly after finding her love for racing bikes, she joined the Chicago based team, Spidermonkey Cycling, and started racing bikes almost every weekend. While her love for crit and road racing is strong, she casually shows up to cross races and will occasionally sign up for a gravel grinder. Aside from racing bikes, Anna enjoys the camaraderie of the Chicago cycling community and is a strong advocate for encouraging women to bike (and race). Where there's a bike, there's a way!

Instagram | @thegoodbikelife 

Aleshea Dominique

Travelin Texan. That is the phrase that best describes me. Hey, Y'all I'm Aleshea, I blog over at Glitz & Grits. Glitz: The people, places, stories and things that make up my South. Grits: The food.

Currently, I reside in a suburb just outside of Dallas, Texas but you can find me journeying across Texas and documenting each adventure because Texas is my bucket list.

Instagram | @glitzngrits

Daniel Palma

Hi everyone! My name is Daniel and this is my second year with Schwinn. Jamiee and I are super excited to keep on pedaling and sharing our adventures with all of you. We had tons of fun last year and this year will be even more fun!

We love the outdoors and try our best to get out and ride our bikes as much as we can. We love to travel to new places, whether it’s flying or taking road trips. We are avid mountain bikers and love riding all sorts of trails. We live in the Bay Area, CA and are spoiled with great weather & gorgeous places to visit. We love driving down Highway 1 finding new places to go to.

We love photography and have been doing it for over 5 years! You never know what crazy picture you’ll end up capturing when your out and about on your Schwinn. I have a goal of clocking in 1 thousand biking miles by the the end of the year! I was able to do half of that last year so I’ll be out riding a lot more this year. We can’t wait to share our adventures with you all!

Instagram | @dan_bicicleta

Glen Thabang

Fitnessbang is a fitness freak that is so adventurous. Glen has been involved in sports and fitness since the age of 6.  Glen is a gymnast and has competed nationally and internationally. In 2008 he was crowned as a junior world champ in triple under for rope skipping. Glen has achieved a lot in his fitness and sport career.

He has been featured on local and national radio,  tv, and magazines, one including Men's health magazine South Africa.

Glen is currently working as a Group exercise instructor,  personal trainer and running his own fitness company.

Instagram | @fitnessbangsa 

Fabian Lozano

Hello, I am Fabian and we are the Lozano family! I am excited to represent Schwinn Bikes with my family once again as 2018 Varsity Ambassadors I am full time product photographer and graphic designer. I am also the in-house photographer for the Houston Arena Theater where I photograph concerts and sports events. My wife and I have been married for 18 years and we have been blessed with having 4 boys. We are a very adventurous family and we enjoy the outdoors and riding our bicycles. We are very happy to be back this year and continue to share our stories, photographs and new adventures with everyone! We hope that through our biking experiences we can motivate other families to get out and ride their bicycles and spend time together as a family.

Instagram | @fabianlozano_photography 

Josh Steele

Hi, my name is Josh Steele from Wabash, IN. After graduating high school I I got caught up into the college life of eating junk and partying. Next thing I knew I was pushing close to 600lbs. I knew something had to change! I tried out for multiple TV shows because I didn’t think I was strong enough to lose the weight on my own, I was wrong. After getting all the way to L.A. for finals week of Extreme Weightloss, I was rejected. I knew this was on me. No one was going to make a change for me, but me. I started my journey in April of 2012.

The journey to better myself was a tough one. There were many ups and down, but one thing I knew I wasn’t going to do was give up on myself. I did that for too many years. After the first year I lost 233lbs. I hope as getting my life back, becoming the Josh I always dreamed of being. Another year passed and I hit the 300lbs lost mark. I finally was living life again! I made health and fitness are big part of my life. I was running, cycling, lifting, etc.. Everyday I was trying to find something new that I enjoyed.

This brings me to now, I am currently a personal trainer part time as well working full time for a pharmaceutical wholesaler traveling the state of Indiana. I enjoy helping other believe in themselves. Having someone tel me I helped change their life is an incredible feeling.

I have big goals still to this date. This year I am looking to do a 100 mile ride in September. I will be training, once it gets nicer out!

You can follow me on social media:

Instagram | @thesteeleproject

Facebook | The Steele Project

YouTube | The Steele Project

Jordan Craig

Hello! I’m Jordan Craig, a 25 year old Landscape and lifestyle photographer.  I live in Fayetteville, AR with my recently rescued pup, Odin. My photography is largely inspired by my love for the great outdoors, hiking, and travel. When not behind the camera, I’m usually still doing something active like camping, kayaking, or some sort of sport activity.  I am excited to be teaming up with Schwinn as an Ambassador this year. I look forward to documenting my downtown and traveling lifestyle on my Schwinn bicycle!

Instagram | @Jcraigopro

Justina Sharp


Justina Sharp is your local friendly 20 year old fashion + lifestyle + travel blogger, but that’s a mouthful, so you can just call her Justina. She loves pretty clothes, good food, thrift stores, roadtrips, big dogs, and her Jeep.  

A California native, and an Instagram perfectionist, she’s pretty much always chasing the perfect lighting. That chase has taken her all over the world, but her favorite place is her 4-H camp, where she can be found every summer, despite the best efforts of her mosquito allergy to derail her.

Instagram | @Abentpieceofwire

Kristi Monks

Hello my name is Kristi Monks.  33 years old, living in Provo Utah.  I am a USAT Triathlon Coach, RRCA Running Coach, Cycling Instructor and Mom to a beautiful 19 Month old little girl.  I am currently training to compete in my 7th and 8th Ironman's this year which is a 2.4 Mile Swim, 112 Mile Bike, and 26.2 Mile Run.  To say I live for Endurance Sports is an understatement. If I'm not training I'm having dance parties with my daughter or consuming some type of sweet.  I love my sugar! I'm excited to be an Ambassador for Schwinn this year and can't wait to show you the beautiful places my bike will take me the in the state of Utah.

Instagram | @Coachkristi

The West Family

They are Thomas, Jonathan, Grace and Charlotte West. A family created through the love of adoption while Thomas was still an active-duty soldier in the U.S. Army living in Baltimore, MD. Recently medically retired from the Army, Thomas and Jonathan moved back home to raise their two-year-old girls in Vermont.

The West family loves to spend time outside and travel. Before their second birthday, the girls had already been back and forth across the country more times than they can remember. From National Parks to campgrounds and picturesque beaches, they do it all!

Follow the West family as they raise their children and explore the world around them on Instagram

Schnelle Acevedo

Schnelle "Nellie" Acevedo is a busy Brooklyn mom of two active boys (9 and 6). Brooklyn Active Mama is a body positive community that focuses on demonstrating to all women that you can always find time for fitness. In addition to fitness content, Nellie shares her parenting stories, fashion tips and travel adventures.

A hopeless running addict, Nellie has completed 15 Half Marathons and two Full New York City Marathons. Nellie has always had a love for cycling and enjoys cycling in the beautiful parks all over the NYC.

Instagram | @Glamnellie

Tiffany Ching Bean

Hello! My name is Tiffany, and I am the Creator behind the mommy/lifestyle blog I am a mom to two toddlers, Olivia and James. My Husband and I live in a small town located outside of Yosemite.

I am beyond excited to be a Schwinn Ambassador! Some of by best memories as a child were created while riding my bike. I can’t wait to share and create fun bike riding memories with my children.

Instagram | @tiffanychingbean

Melissa Teng

Melissa Teng, also known as Mel by some of her friends, grew up in the Midwest, but considers the world her home.  As a part-time traveler and full-time believer in the power of creative storytelling, she hopes to inspire others through her photos, videos and personal captions to explore more and often, travel curiously, and to live always with a sense of wonder and appreciation for the world around them.

When she’s not busy working, you can find her taking an epic nap (yes, it’s one of her favorite past times, and if she wasn’t a human, she would surely be a cat), searching for chocolate or anything sweet to snack on in the pantry, or chasing sunrises wherever she travels.

Her true passion lies in connecting with others through authentic stories and experiences, which you can find on her Instagram, and has had the privilege of creating her own engaged community of over 30,000 individuals on the platform.

She hopes to continue pursuing this passion through her love for photography and videography, which helps push her creative boundaries as she continues to learn and grow in this space.

A few other things she loves (in no particular order): being an animal whisperer, freshly squeezed orange juice, polka dots, when the moon and sun (simultaneously) share the sky, an overuse of parentheses, places that take your breath away, and moments you can’t put into words.

Follow her journey on Instagram: @witandfolly

Subscribe to her YouTube for photo editing tutorials and travel videos (launching soon!): Wit and Folly – Melissa Ten

Maria Kuberiet

Hi everyone! My name is Maria and I am so excited to be a Schwinn Ambassador again this year! I am the small feisty lady behind Little Tree, a fashion,beauty and lifestyle blog. I cover everything from beauty tutorials, to styles that inspire,and everything in between!

I currently reside in New Jersey with my husband Ryan , our newborn son Niko and our 4 year old dachshund Oliver. As a family we enjoy spending time together, and adventuring on our bikes! I can't wait to bring you all along on our adventures this year.

Follow Maria on her latest style adventure on Instagram @littletreevtg

Stay in the know and follow Maria on Twitter @LittleTreeVtg  and Facebook @LittleTreevtg

Check out her youtube channel for makeup tips and more!

You can also view all of Maria’s latest blog post at her website, Little Tree Vintage

Marissa Ashcraft

Hi! I’m Marissa. I came to Boston to study nursing and found noise, friendships and the importance of living presently. Strongly associating with other confused twenty somethings, I’m always trying to find new ways to have fun & dress well.While my usual post is now at the nurses’ station, you can sometimes find me behind a Singer sewing machine with a yard of gingham.

Proudly, my wardrobe is composed of thrifted hand me downs, custom couture & style staples. In chronicling my passion to create and explore the Eastern seaboard, I aim to leave the world a little more beautiful every day.

Instagram | @Onecraftdiygirl

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