Schwinn’s Picks - Kids Bikes for Back to School

Back to school is right around the corner and there is no better time to get a new bike for your child. With SmartStart technology, Schwinn’s kids bikes better match a child's body type to create a more comfortable, ideal riding position. This includes a lighter bike frame for added control, smaller grip diameters to match smaller hands, and a more narrow pedal position to match children's smaller hips. Read on to see our picks for the best boys and girls bikes for back to school season!

12” Girls Bicycle: Schwinn Elm

With a Schwinn Smartstart steel kids frame and included training wheels, saddle handle, and front basket, the Schwinn Elm is the perfect beginner’s bike. 

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12” Boys Bicycle: Schwinn Valve


Your child will want to learn how to ride a bike when they see the Schwinn Valve. Equipped with Smartstart geometry, it will better match the rider’s small frame for a more enjoyable learning experience. 

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16” Girls Bicycle: Schwinn Iris

Get control and stability on the Schwinn Iris. The Schwinn Smartstart design and removable training wheels make it easy and fun to learn how to ride. 

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16” Boys Bicycle: Schwinn Cosmo

The Schwinn Cosmo is hard to miss with its bright blue and silver colors and racer style. Designed with Smartstart, it has a more comfortable riding position for your little one. Equipped with a water bottle, coordinating seat, chain guard, front plate, and sport rear fender, this bike is ready to go. 

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18” Girls Bicycle: Schwinn Whiteboard Color-Me Kids Bike

Let your child take their creativity on the go with the Schwinn Whiteboard Color-Me kids bike. The Whiteboard’s durable steel frame is covered with a floral deco design that your child can color in, by using the four included dry erase markers.  Thanks to the convenient handlebar bag, they can take the markers with them for touch-ups on the go! 

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18” Boys Bicycle: Schwinn Koen


With a sleek and mature design, the Schwinn Koen brings style to your child’s ride. Its Smartstart geometry better matches a child’s body type for more comfortable riding. This is the perfect bike for that transition from training wheels to no training wheels!

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20” Girls Bicycle: Schwinn Cimarron

This lightweight mountain bike is going to take your young rider to the next level. With a light aluminum frame, twist shifters, and front suspension to absorb bumps on the trail, the Cimarron is a top choice. 

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20” Boys Bicycle: Schwinn Falcon

The Schwinn Falcon is the perfect upgrade from your child’s beginner bike. The Falcon is simple to ride because of the single speed and the coaster brake with additional front and rear hand brakes. 

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24” Girls Bicycle: Schwinn Sidewinder

Ride the Schwinn Sidewinder to school or on the trails. With 21 speeds and knobby tread mountain tires, it will get your child where they want to go.

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24” Boys Bicycle: Schwinn Campus

The Schwinn Campus has sport tires, 21 speeds, and a sleek, grown up design. It is perfect for riding to school, for exercise, or just for fun. 

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