Slowing the Pace Down

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One of the best things about being in Flagstaff for July was for sure the slowed down pace. We had friends up there, and friends that live there, but we made sure to not schedule out our days too much. There were more lazy mornings, afternoons, and nights, than there were busy ones. There were long walks taken, and even longer bike rides.


We were able to go to the park at any time of the day- which being from Phoenix- well that was an insane dream come true. We would go there and spend hours, playing, laying on the cool grass, and just taking it all in.

When we first went up, I really thought that I would be able to prove my body wrong and be as active as I wanted to be. I envisioned us going on all sorts of hikes, me continuing workouts from home {instead of the gym back home}, and maybe even some paddleboarding at a lake.

I instantly realized that this was not going to be how it all would transpire. The altitude really brought on my contractions. Even just from going on a power walk with the boys would set them off. But for whatever reason I was able to bike around fine. Not pulling the trailer made it worlds easier as well. Either way, I was just so grateful that I had something up there that I COULD do, while keeping the baby safe, and everyone could participate.


While up there Bray also gained so much more confidence on his bike. He cruised around every single day, and even got pretty decent at going up and down hills! By the end of our stay, he even said that he wants to try riding without his training wheels soon. Say what?! This coming from my boy who is usually so fearful. I love the confidence he has gained from riding! It also didn’t hurt that the neighbor boy up there was a champ riding his bike- and Bray wanted to be just like him.

And Winston, well he lived on his bike. He is even starting to get decent at actually pedaling rather than us just pushing him. And man, how tough does he look with his bandaid covered body?! ?

Later this week I am going to be sharing a full recap of Flag as well as all the tips and tricks I learned from our time up there.

If you feel like life is just shooting by, and you are able to, get away! Have some time in the mountains with your family. Do a staycation. Get to the beach. Wherever! Just go, unplug, slow down, and reset. It does us ALL so good to do so!

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