Stress Rides

Within the last year or two, I have had my first real bouts of stress and anxiety. I've been a pretty even keeled dude all my life. It is not something I have ever thought I would have to work through. But we experience all kinds of things and your mind tries to adapt as life continues on without a care. Of course I have made efforts to suppress my anxiety, most of which have been successful, thank the Lord. And for the record, acupuncture is a dream.

I moved from a house in the woods on top of a hill to a house in a gridded neighborhood. Quite the contrast. There were some things to get used to, but many things that are amazing, Chick-Fil-A within a five minute drive obviously topping the list! But something that i didn't think about right away was my ability to bike wherever, whenever I wanted. I almost look forward to when my car goes in the shop because it forces me to use my bike and slow down a little. Whenever I ride, I start noticing things that I wouldn’t have, had I been driving my car, things that deserve to be noticed and appreciated. I can't tell you how refreshing it is to wake up at 5:30 am, hop on my bike, and ride to the top of the hospital parking garage to watch the sunrise. That was never available to me when I lived in the woods. If the chilly early morning air and the orchestra of birds wasn't enough, looking over a dimly lit town and seeing the transformation of it being overtaken by light, gives me a sense of renewal, motivation, and hope.

I am so thankful that I have a beautiful Traveler bike to cruise around on. Needless to say, my morning bike rides have been a part of lowering my stress and anxiety, while throwing in a little cardio all that stuff too.

Jesse Christiansen

Jesse Christiansen is a singer-songwriter who hails from a small town in north-central Maryland. He is passionate about music, “bad” puns (he doesn’t think they’re bad…), and good coffee. Jesse believes in the power of transparency and honesty, which is evident in his lifestyle and song lyrics. You will most likely find him sharing in deep conversations with close friends over a quality cup of coffee and a massive blueberry muffin. Over the past few years, Jesse Christiansen’s music career has taken him all over the US and parts of Europe. (His lady, Karlie Pickett, created a mini-documentary of his fall 2016 tour that was published/sponsored by Schwinn)

Jesse loves to be outside in the fresh air; he looks forward to when his car is in the shop because that forces him to slow down and ride his bike. A favorite tradition of his is going on a bike trip in the fall in the Appalachian Mountains–camping along the Potomac River and biking the C&O Canal with some of his closest friends.

Jesse’s outlook on life is one of freedom and pursuit. Fueled by his faith and love of people, learning, and adventure, there will always be something exciting up his sleeve.