Visiting Park City with Schwinn

The Sundance Film Festival is held each year in Park City, with the hub of activity taking place on Main Street.  Main Street is known for its historical buildings, some of which have been around since the city’s founding. The street runs up a slope and is broken off into a lower and upper portion of Main Street. Each building has a past history that makes walking by them feel like you are in two places at once; the past and the present.

With our own passion for history we decided to take a journey through Park City, and learn a little bit more about what Main Street has to offer.

Meyer’s Gallery/Utah’s First National Bank

This year Schwinn collaborated with Keds to sponsor the Beyond Cinema Magazine Studio. The magazine held interviews and photo sessions at what is now known as the Meyer Gallery. The Gallery which now homes beautiful artwork, was once the First National Bank of Utah. With its history in banking you may not be surprise to learn of the gorgeous large vault and stunning brick wall that is still prominently displayed inside. When the Gallery is not playing host to Beyond Cinema Magazine during Sundance, they feature both abstract artwork and artwork that has a more recognizable form.

Red Banjo Pizza

The Red Banjo is the longest family owned business still running in Park City, Utah. This pizza paradise opened in 1962 and has been going strong ever since, with three generations of the Tolys family currently running the restaurant and 5 generations having taken part in creating and maintaining the location. With unique and traditional pizza combinations the Tolys family has created something for everyone who walks into their doors. Their secret twist? Well that’s a squeeze of some fresh lemon over the “za”. It may sound like a weird combination, but you’ll have to trust the Tolys on this one; it is delicious!

Dolly’s Bookstore/Dolly’s Boutique and Bookstore

Dolly’s Bookstore is a safe haven for any cat lover/book enthusiasts out there. Dolly’s has a traditional mom and pop book store feel, with one major catch; there are currently three cats that call the bookstore home. We were able to sit down with George the cat for a while and gaze up at the hundreds of titles that surrounded us. All of the cats are extremely friendly and add a touch of homeyness to this shop. Dolly’s has been around since 1975, but at that time it was better known as “Dolly’s Boutique and Bookstore”, where they sold clothing, and records in addition to books. Today, Dolly’s is also attached to a chocolate shop, making it easy to stay inside this bookstore, cozied up to a cat, for hours.

Java Cow

The Java Cow is a staple on Main Street. Inside, the shop is split down the middle to offer two distinct and delicious experiences. On one side there is an ice creamery and on the other is a coffee shop. Complete with cow decorations as well as plenty of cow apparel and accessories for purchase, the Java Cow truly lives up to its name. Whether you are in the mood for a nice hot cup of coffee and bowl of soup to warm you up from the cold winter air or you need to satisfy a sweet tooth with their signature flavor of ice cream “Zowy Cowy”, the Java Cow is your destination. To top it off a Banksy Mural can be seen on the side of the building, the mural is now framed and protected under glass, which makes it a hard city wonder to miss!

Park City Museum/Jail

If you want to learn more about the history of Main Street in Park City, there is no better place to go than the Park City Museum. With a plethora of information inside its walls, the museum is a great first stop before you begin your day of exploring Main Street. Wrapped up in its own history, the building that hosts the museum was originally home to Park City’s City Hall which was built in 1885. However soon it was transformed into the police and fire departments as well as the local jail. A fire in 1898 reduced the building to some walls, the foundation, and the jail. After it was rebuilt the building became home to several other businesses before finally becoming the towns Museum in 1982. To learn more about Park City, and the Museum, head over to the Museum’s website here!

Do you have other favorite areas to visit in Park City? If so, mention them in the comments below!

Let's Ride,

Samantha C.