Together We Bike

The mission

Every year, Together We Rise helps over 10,000 children in foster care get access to a bicycle.  This year, Schwinn and Together We Rise joined together to create Together We Bike, a campaign to provide more bicycles than ever before.  Bicycles offer a sense of freedom, a means of transportation, and lifelong memories of fun that every kid deserves.
Together We Rise Mission

How we are making a difference

We know that bicycles make a difference in children’s lives. They provide children with  a sense of freedom and independence, a means of transportation, and memories that will last an entire lifetime. The rite of passage of learning how to ride a bicycle and the freedom it provides can be taken for granted. Not every child in the U.S. is able to experience this rite, and many grow up without ever knowing how to ride a bike. Together We Rise and Schwinn are united in bridging that gap and enabling more children to experience the joys of riding a bicycle. 

Let’s Go!

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Together We Rise is an organization comprised of humanitarians, advocates, artists, and visionaries who are committed to changing the world for the better. Their team of passionate volunteers, interns, and staff continue to transform the lives of children in foster care. We believe that children in foster care deserve dignity, respect, and support.
Together We Rise supports foster children by supplying with new duffle bags (so they don’t have to carry their belongings in trash bags), bicycles, birthday boxes, reunification events and more!