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Schwinn is your go to bicycle brand for helping you discover your perfect bike Check out our top support articles that will help you find your next bike and enjoy the ride! 

Which Schwinn is right for me?

Get the right fit (Adults)

Get the right fit (Kids)

Types of bikes

Schwinn technologies

Get the right size bike for your kids

Kids bicycles come in many different wheel sizes, 12″, 16″, 18″, 20″, 24″; but the trouble is finding which bike size is right for your child. We believe a well-fitted bike makes the child more comfortable, and being comfortable inspires confidence and the motivation to learn.
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Discover a bicycle that fits you just right

Bikes come in different sizes just like clothes and finding a bike that fits you right is important. The right fit makes your bike ride feels more comfortable which means that it will also be more enjoyable too! There are two great ways to help figure out if a bicycle fits you the way it should: Casual Ride Fit and Customized Fit.
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Explore Schwinn Technology and Innovation

Schwinn understands that innovation and technology is important to making sure that our bikes offer the best in class riding experience and comfort level to riders of all ages. Discover the latest Schwinn technology and learn how Schwinn is making sure that you continue to enjoy the ride for years to come.
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