Reach out to us directly at customerservice@pacific-cycle.com. Send us a photo and a description of the damage on your bike, and we will help to solve the issue.

You can find both our catalog and all owner’s manuals online here. If, however, you would like a hard copy of one or the other, please submit your mailing address to the e-mail contact at the top of this page. Please be aware, however, that (1) our catalog is for advertising purposes only and is not the kind of catalog you can order bikes or parts from, and (2) our manuals only provide basic safety and operational information and are not intended to be a comprehensive service manual or specific to any one model of bike.

If properly charged and maintained (keep the battery charged every two months at a minimum and try to keep the battery indoors during harsh cold winter months), the battery should last for at least 500 charge cycle. The warranty on your battery is 2 years.

Products are warranted against defective materials and workmanship (also known as a manufacturing defect) for various periods of time. Steel frames are covered for the useful lifecycle of the product, Aluminum and dual suspension frames are typically covered for a 5-year period from the original date of purchase. Most parts are typically covered for a 1-year period from the original date of purchase. Wearable parts are typically covered for 30-days from the original date of purchase.

Manufacturer's limited warranty does not cover damage resulting from accidents, impact, abuse, misuse, neglect, ordinary wear & tear, anything you break accidentally or deliberately, stunting, jumping, installation, assembly, repair, maintenance, disassembly costs, paint damage, rust, theft, or ride with more than one person

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