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A world without mountain bike trails? Doesn't sound like any fun to us. That's why we're so in synch with IMBA's efforts to create, enhance and preserve trail opportunities for mountain bikers around the world. Whether it's encouraging riding in areas with low environmental impact, spearheading trailwork volunteer programs or providing smart solutions for sustainable trail management, IMBA is digging in to get the job done.

Our favorite IMBA event? National Take a Kid Mountain Biking Day. It happens early October every year and it's the perfect way to pass your passion on to the next generation, sign up your support at www.IMBA.com

Bikes Belong

Put simply, Bikes Belong is an organization devoted to creating better places to ride, promoting more frequent bike riding and making the world a more bike-friendly place. Bikes Belong is based in Colorado, but its effect is felt all around the country.

To learn more -- or become a member -- visit www.bikesbelong.org.

World Bicycle Relief

Schwinn Supports World Bicycle Relief

Schwinn and its parent company, Pacific Cycle, the leading bicycle supplier in the U.S. and the owner and distributor of popular bicycle brands including Schwinn, Mongoose, and GT Bicycles, are now supporters of World Bicycle Relief. Pacific Cycle is a Dorel Industries company (TSX: DII.B, DII.A).

World Bicycle Relief's vision is that simple, sustainable mobility is an essential element in disaster relief and poverty relief. In developed and developing countries, bicycles fulfill the basic mobility needs of individuals and have a direct impact in support of healthcare, education, and economic development. Bicycles empower individuals, their families, and their communities. World Bicycle Relief's mission is to provide access to independence and livelihood through the power of bicycles.

Nearly 4,000 bikes have been delivered and almost $1.5 million have been raised by the foundation, all of which support communities around the globe in need.

World Bicycle Relief is partnering with USAID and World Vision to bring healthcare and education to people living with HIV/AIDS, and to orphans and vulnerable children. World Bicycle Relief is providing 26,000 bicycles, which will enable healthcare workers to expand their geographic scope, improve the quality of their care, and ultimately reach the 520,000 individuals most in need.

World Bicycle Relief was founded in 2005 in response to the December 2004 tsunami that swept the Indian Ocean. This project was in partnership with World Vision Sri Lanka and provided more than 24,000 bicycles to carefully selected men, women, and children in greatest need following the tsunami. The program cost was $1,516,000, and funding was raised through the bicycle industry, foundations, and individuals.

Due to the success of Project Tsunami, World Bicycle Relief has begun a major project in Zambia, Africa. This will be a 26,000 bike program whose objectives are to multiply the efforts of healthcare workers and educators fighting the ravages of HIV/AIDS.

World Bicycle Relief's activities:

  • Provide expertise, and, in some cases, funding to major projects in disaster relief and poverty relief. The expertise is in specifying and sourcing bicycles in support of existing projects and partners on the ground. The funding is raised through the bicycle industry, foundations, and individuals.
  • Develop and make available an archive of Africa bicycle sourcing and best-practices to enable other government and non-government organizations implementation of their own bicycle support programs.
  • Design and implement bicycle maintenance training and spare parts programs in the field that ensure sustainability and scalability of bicycle programs.
  • Measure and evaluate impact or Return on Investment (ROI) of bicycle programs in support of Disaster and Poverty Relief efforts, then make data and analysis available to all relief organizations.

For more information about World Bicycle Relief - visit worldbicyclerelief.org

People For Bikes

The goal of peopleforbikes.org is to gather a million names of support, to speak with one powerful voice–to let policy makers, the media and the public know that bicycling is important and should be promoted. Go to peopleforbikes.org. Sign the pledge today and let the world know that you're for bikes.


Rails-to-Trails Conservancy is a nonprofit organization that preserves unused rail tracks and transform them into trails. Their important mission is helping to revive America's environment, economy, neighborhoods and people. Plus, it gives us riders some really cool places to explore.

Quick tidbits

  • RTC opened its doors February 7, 1986.
  • RTC is headquartered in Washington, D.C.
  • RTC has assisted hundreds of communities in building nearly 13,935 miles of rail-trails.
  • RTC received the Presidential Award for Sustainable Development in 1996.

Visit RailsToTrails.org to find out how to join the mission.