11 Lumen Quick Wrap Light Set

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Between work, errands and everything else, the day can go by pretty fast. So fast, that it's already dark out by the moment when you finally have time for a relaxing bike ride. Don't let the sun dictate when you get to ride, instead you can see and be seen in the dark with this 11 Lumen Quick Wrap Light Set by Schwinn! This two light set includes a 5 LED white front headlight to light up the road and a 5 LED red rear tail light to keep you safe from cars and other bikers. Each light has steady beam and flashing settings for added visibility. Both lights have an impressive run time of 56 hours and a beam distance up to 16 meters (about 52.5 feet). With no tools needed to mount either light, it's easy to make sure your bike rides are just as safe as they are fun!

  • Quick Wrap design easy to install and remove, no tools needed
  • 11 Lumen output / Run time 56 hours
  • Beam distance 16 meters

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